Wednesday, August 31, 2011


August....I think is the busiest month of the summer!

We celebrated John's 34th birthday!(I'm thinking it is time to trade in for newer models.....just kidding I love my husband!) I took him out to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner and the following Thursday we had family dinner here with my brothers and parents. He was able to purchase quiet a bit of parts for his airplane and get his latest one running and ready to fly. He seems very excited for this!

July was also the airshow at Pease International Tradeport. It was awesome as usual. John and I were able to enjoy the show with Jeremy and John's friend Alan (who he flies with) and Janelle (Alan's girlfriend). Jocelynn stayed at home with my mom, it is just too hot for her. John and I are talking about taking her with us next year because the airshow is in June. We had a great time and enjoyed it much better than last years as we were prepared (we brought an entire backpack with water, sunscreen and lawn chairs)!

We also were able to go to the movies for back to back shows (something I had never done) with my friend Alaina and her dad. We saw Cowboys and Aliens and Captain America. Both good movies, but I enjoyed Cowboys and Aliens more!

John did end up at the Dr.'s and then at the hospital for testing. He had severe stomach cramps/burning. Thankfully we found out it wasn't anything major it was severe heartburn/acid reflux, but it was very scary. Praise the Lord for keeping him safe. He is currently on medication 2x a day and is supposed to watch what he eats (which he is not.....but who really wants So hopefully we can calm his stomach down and he will not have to deal with the pain anymore!

August also brought Hurricane Irene.....the first in many years. We were blessed, and it wasn't nearly as bad as they predicted (at least in my area, other areas did get hit hard). Jocelynn was very anxious and scared. I tried to reassure, but finally her and I went down into the basement to watch movies. Thankfully we never lost power, but the wind and rain was pretty severe!

On the TTC front......August saw cycle 60..... That just sounds awful! 60 cycles over 4 years and 9 months. I will never give up until I am too old to try!  So it ended with a BFN, but I believe it was a chemical pregnancy. The fact that I was late (30 days instead of my usual 28 days) and the cramps were the worst I have had in a long time! So here is to cycle 61 (one day I am going to get to share happy news! I have faith in God!)

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