Saturday, November 27, 2010

When it rains it pours.....

I'm not sure were to start. Maybe the happy news

My beautiful niece, Brook turned 5 on the 22nd. I can't believe it has been 5 years already! Happy Birthday Princess!

Jocelynn has a new friend in the house. Her name is Kelly. Kelly is an Elf on the Shelf. Let's just say, this is one of the best things ever thought up! Basically This Elf (Kelly is ours) watches over Jocelynn and any kids that come to our house, when they go to bed at night she goes to the North Pole and updates Santa on her behavior. By the next morning she is back, but in a different location.

Jocelynn gets excited in the morning, she comes down stairs and immediately looks for Kelly. She also has been on her best behavior for the last week (that is how long we have had it) and she even talks to Kelly. Thank you to Amy and Kristina for telling me about this! You can find them at Hallmark.

Jocelynn is also doing very well staying dry at night. In a week she has (on average) 5 dry nights and 2 wet nights. I pretty excited about that, especially considering we have only been doing this since the beginning of this month. I plan "pushing" a little more after the first of the year!

Now......the other news.

Jocelynn, John and I have all been sick. Some kind of stomach virus/flu thing. It is awful! I stared in Monday with severe stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea, which lasted about 36 hours. Even today I am not feeling 100% but better, but I am happy I can finally eat. I went 48 hours with nothing but a little water in my belly.
Jocelynn ended up sick early Thanksgiving morning from 12:30 am until about 6am she was up vomiting every 15 minutes. I thought I was going to have take her to the emergency room, I didn't want her to get dehydrated. At one point I was having her drink juice and ginger ale after she vomited just so that maybe she would absorb some of it and so she would have something in her belly to vomit. The dry heaves were insane. She finally fell asleep about 6:30 and slept until 10:30 and seemed fine. She ate thanksgiving dinner with no issues.
John started last night, vomiting. He feels better today and has been able to eat something but I feel it will be at least another 24 hours before he is truly feeling better.

My Grandfather is also in the hospital. Wednesday he had emergency surgery to remove his Colan, He is "gravely ill" as the Dr. puts it. It will be a long road and as of this morning he was not doing as good as the Dr.'s hoped he would. Please just pray for him.

Also, my crazy brother goes and breaks his collar bone......Thanksgiving day, playing touch football. The ER Dr. told him, "it was the worst break she has ever seen." Go big or go home, right
He will be having surgery to fix this. Praying for a speedy recovery for him!

There is a lot of praying going on in our house. God is listening and will help us through all of this!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spending the Day in Mass......

John and I will be spending the day in Mass. on the 8th, not for fun or to shop but to go to the Dr.'s!

John has an appointment with his specialist @ 10am and I have 3 appointments (2:45 for an EKG, 3:00 for another Electrocardiogram and 4:00 is the appointment with the specialist!) that afternoon. Of course mine and his appointments are at different locations (30 minutes apart)

I can't believe I got an appointment before the end of the year! I am not going to see Dr. Langzberg. Instead I will see his associate Dr. Michelle Gurvitz. I can't find much information about her, but that may be good or bad. I guess we will see! I am pumped about seeing a woman. I find women Dr. to be a little more understanding and caring.

I do feel funny since my appointment will be at Children's Hospital Boston! Maybe that means I can have stuffed animals and be visited by a

So Wednesday 12/8/2010 I hope to walk away from the Dr. appointment with a treatment plan!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just the way things go

Jocelynn has taken a few steps backwards. She make it 7 morning in a row waking up dry before having an accident 2 nights in a row. Not sure why, but I know these things are bound to happen. Then this morning was a dry one. 7 steps forward, 2 steps

She was very upset when she had her accidents, I know it bothers her. That is good and I hope it will help her succeed.

Jocelynn has also been dealing with a stuffy nose and cough. Not horrible but bad enough to bother her. Yesterday was the first day she ran a temp, and today she seems fine. I hope she is over the worst, she has a surprise arriving tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am super excited about. Jekka is coming for a visit! I haven't seen her since she moved to South Carolina the end of June! I have missed her more then I ever thought I would!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday (on the 13th) to my beautiful niece Gabby!!!! I really wish we lived closer so I could see you and Tyler more!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jocelynn is on a roll!!!!!

I am so proud of her! This morning was her 5th morning waking up dry!!!!!! Something seems to have clicked with her and every morning she get so excited when she realizes she didn't pee the bed.

Jocelynn has even go so far as to stop herself...Monday morning she woke up all upset... crying "mommy I'm sorry I peed the bed". I told her it was ok and that I wasn't mad because honestly I expected a few accidents. So I went to change her sheets and realized that she hadn't wet the bed! I checked her panties and sure enough they were wet, but it woke her up, she stopped peeing before it wet the sheets and went to use the potty! That accomplishment in it's self is amazing to me! I am praying and hoping that this is something that she will continue with and not just a fluke!

I do wake her up once a night, between 11 and midnight. I don't typically go to bed until then so it works out well for us. If Jocelynn continues to stay dry, John and I decided to stop waking her up and see what happens. Since beginning this 3 or 4 weeks ago, it has been easier and easier to wake her up at night. I guess only time will tell.

I received a call from Dr H's office (Cardiologist) this morning. They were able to get a hold of Dr. L's office (Dr. in Mass.). My records are being sent to Mass for review and Dr. L's office will be calling me with appointment information after looking at my records. I am hoping that things will progress quickly. It is in God's hands and I trust in whatever plan He has for me!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Headed to Mass....

Dr. Landzberg is the Dr. I will be seeing at Bringham and Women's Hospital. I don't have an appointment yet, My cardiologist office will be making an appointment and calling with the date and more waiting! I am hoping after I see Dr. Landzberg I will have a treatment course. I just want to fix this issue and move on with my life! I am hoping to get into to see this new Dr. before the end of the year, but if he is as good as my cardiologist claims he is I bet it will be the first of the year.

Apparently Dr. Landzberg is the best in the business. My cardiologist said this is considered congenital heart disease! Also I am a unique case....not sure if that is good or bad....

So TTC is on hold until further notice. I need to concentrate on getting healthy first!

In happier news, Jocelynn received her first report card today, all Satisfactory!!! She is doing very well with blending letters (ie: ta, te, lo, lu, li) she needs to work on recognizing letters and writing them on paper. She tends to write gigantic I am so proud of my little girl! She is growing so fast!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy Day Tomorrow...

First I get to hear the heart beat of my niece or nephew (due May 8, 2011). I am very excited and thankful that Kristina is so wonderful and including me in these visits! I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law!

Second I have my Cardiologist Appointment @11 AM. The Dr. will have the results of the TEE I had done last Thursday and I am hoping the Dr. will have a course of treatment ready to discuss. I do know that the TEE confirmed the severity of the Valve problem, and I am prepared for the course of treatment I believe the Dr. will suggest, doesn't make it any less scary in fact it makes it more real coming from him.... I have fantastic support and know that with God, my family and friends I will get through this!

Finally tomorrow evening is something fun! I am 'working' but it is a Black Tie Gala to benefit the animals at Cocheco Valley Humane Society! I have a fantastic outfit to wear and I am looking forward to a wonderful meal, fun times with some of my favorite co-workers and maybe even a little dancing!

My Dress (I don't look as good as her, but I still like it!)

My Shoes to go with the above dress!

I will have to post pictures of me in the outfit. I am surprised I like the dress and shoes as much as I do. They really are not me at all, but they do make me feel pretty!!!!

We are also working with Jocelynn about not peeing to bed. She has been doing pretty well,except for this week. She is fighting of a pretty bad cold (runny/stuffy nose and cough). Hopefully when she is feeling better I can post about happy (dry) She is averaging about 2 or 3 night a week now, not too bad for working on it for only 3 weeks!

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