Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spending the Day in Mass......

John and I will be spending the day in Mass. on the 8th, not for fun or to shop but to go to the Dr.'s!

John has an appointment with his specialist @ 10am and I have 3 appointments (2:45 for an EKG, 3:00 for another Electrocardiogram and 4:00 is the appointment with the specialist!) that afternoon. Of course mine and his appointments are at different locations (30 minutes apart)

I can't believe I got an appointment before the end of the year! I am not going to see Dr. Langzberg. Instead I will see his associate Dr. Michelle Gurvitz. I can't find much information about her, but that may be good or bad. I guess we will see! I am pumped about seeing a woman. I find women Dr. to be a little more understanding and caring.

I do feel funny since my appointment will be at Children's Hospital Boston! Maybe that means I can have stuffed animals and be visited by a

So Wednesday 12/8/2010 I hope to walk away from the Dr. appointment with a treatment plan!

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Bree said...

Boston Children's Hospital is an AWESOME hospital to be at. Kaisyn was there for his kidney surgery. You are in great hands!!

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