Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Dr. called today. I will be going Thursday (10/28) to have the TransEsophageal Echocardiogram.
I have to be at the hospital at 6:45 am. I can't eat before and for 2 hours after, I won't be able to eat hot food for 24 hours after. I am nervous, not looking forward to this. I will be semi sedated, but still awake enough to swallow the probe......*gag* As long as this gives them a better picture of what is going on it is worth it!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." ~ Deuteronomy 31:6

On to happier news! I'm going to be an Aunt again! My brother and sister in law (Cory and Kristina) are going to be welcoming another bundle of Joy next spring. Her due date in May 8th, hopefully this one can stay in the oven longer than Brooke did! I am beyond excited and can't wait to meet him or her!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Dr. said......

Pulmonary Stenosis... I have to have a few more test run, and have another appointment in 2 weeks with the same Cardiologist! (11/5 @ 11:00 am) Who I really like. He has a great bedside manner and I feel like he sees me as another human being and not a patient number.

Next week he is sending me for a TransEsophageal Echocardiogram, He is not 100% positive that he will get a good picture of the valve this way, but he wants to try the least invasive first. If this doesn't work I will be having a Cardiac Catheterization.

So, it is still a waiting game. I can resume my normal activity (particularly the exercise program I started at the first of the month.) The Dr. did say that we should put trying for another child on hold until we find out more about this heart issue.....

The Dr. is also sending my to have a sleep study. He thinks I have sleep apnea,  I'm overweight, of course I do. Isn't that what all the Dr. think when someone is overweight....

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Cardiologist appointment in the morning....I'll admit I am anxious, but I have done a lot of praying (as well as my family and friends...thank you).

Jocelynn had her first field trip today! She had a blast, I was nervous but I survived! She went to Coppal House Farm went on a hay ride with Draft Horses and got a pumpkin!

Jocelynn's Picture of a Draft Horse. They pulled the wagon for the hay ride.

Monday we took John to the eye Dr. He found a piece of rusted metal embedded in the colored part of the iris.  Thankfully there has been no side effects and his eyesight is still pretty perfect. Just antibiotic drops 4 times a day this week. I am very thankful that this was not more serious!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Interesting week.....

Anxious about my Dr. appointment on friday. I am just praying that everything is ok....

Had an interesting meeting yesterday, I can't go into much detail, but I will able to share in detail by Thursday/Friday! I am excited about the possibility!!!!!

Jocelynn is doing good in school. We received our first homework assignment this week. Working on blending T and L with all the vowels. We may look at sending her all 5 days after the first of the year.....we will see if she continues to fall behind with just the 4 days.

Grandpa Young ended up being taken to the hospital via ambulance on Friday. He has been complaining about have an issue with breathing, but of course didn't want to go to the hospital, until he woke up around 3am on Friday and really struggled to catch his breath. Once he arrived at the hospital they determined he has pneumonia. He seems to be doing ok. The have him on an oxygen machine, it forces the oxygen into his lungs. Today he seems to be able to stay off the machine for a longer period of time, which is a good sign. It looks like he will be in the hospital for a few more days.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Countdown begins....

Received a call from my PCP this morning, Cardiologist appointment is scheduled for Friday 10/22 @ 8:10am. Talk about not wasting any time.

I will continue to keep you all updated! Thank you for all the prayers!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Scary News....

I am ok.....Here is what has happened over the last couple of weeks, and the scary news I received from the Dr.

I have a heart murmur. Not a major one, but one none the less. I had an EKG in 2004 when it was discovered, the Dr.'s were not overly worried.

So fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I went to the Dr., found out I had a UTI. While there I asked the Dr. if I needed to have the murmur checked out, It had been 6 years. He said yes.

So Last Tuesday (9-5) I went for a another EKG. The Dr. called with the results on Friday. I have a moderate to severe issue with one of my heart valves, and he wants me to see a Cardiologist.

I don't know much until I see the Cardiologist. I'm praying and hoping that this is nothing, but there is always that voice in the back of your head that tries to scare you.

Trying for another child has been put on hold until after I see the specialist....I am scared but have been doing a lot of praying, relying on God to give me the strength I need to get through this.

What really scared me is my PCP said that there is a 3-4 month wait for an appointment with a cardiologist but he is going to pull some strings to get me in within a couple weeks....eeekkkk.

For the time being, please just pray for me and for us.

Another disappointment...

So....this was not our month! I'm ok.....I really put a lot into this month and I an upset and disappointed that I am still a failure as a woman, but I will be okay. God has a plan for me, and I trust in Him!

On another note, John and I are on a break from trying to conceive. Not our choice, it is the Dr. and hopefully next cycle we can get back on track. Please pray we get to see the specialist sooner then later. (I will go into more detail in another post)

*** I am so happy for you JD!!!! Stalking has official began!***

Friday, October 1, 2010


I mean the last 2 weeks that is!

Tuesday (9/21/10) my Dad had Surgery on his R knee. Cory (my brother) went to the hospital with him, so I was at home with 2-five year olds. It was fun. I decided to let them "style" (a term I use loosely)my hair. They had a blast and enjoyed the time with them.....
Brooke's Work
Jocelynn's Work

Then we had manicures and John took us 3 girls out to lunch! It was a very fun day! Dad's surgery went well. He is up and moving know and in hardly any pain!
Tuesday (9/22/2010) John and I took Jocey to the Rochester Fair. Overall I was unimpressed. They didn't have as many rides, vendors or animals. Jocelynn had a blast and wanted to ride everything (thankfully she isn't big enough...yet) including the zipper
and the freak out......
I think we have a daredevil on our hands!

Jocey also started a new school schedule this week....she will be going Mon., Tues., Wed., and Fri. from now on. Tuesdays are music class, she was missing them. Her teacher asked if there was anyway she could add Tuesdays. So after talking to John and Jocey about it, we decided it was a good thing!

Her first Tuesday (9/28/10) at school happen to also be picture day! I can't wait to see the proofs (which we should have back in a week). I hope there is at least one good one!!!!(they took 3 or 4 poses)

I had to make an appointment with my PCP, I started having some L side pain Thursday at work, and it seemed to get worse throughout the day. Thursday night (9/30/10) was awful. I hardly slept and I was in pain. So I went to my appointment to find out I have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), so I am on an antibiotic and hope to feel better tonight and get some sleep.

On the TTC front.....CD 21! What does that mean???? MORE bloodwork! Seems to be all I do! I am praying that this is our month! I have way too many woman (Some who I am close too) who are pregnant around me.....I wanna play too!!!!! The Dr. gave me antibiotics that are safe if I am pregnant. We should know yes or no in about 7-10 days!!! 

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