Friday, October 1, 2010


I mean the last 2 weeks that is!

Tuesday (9/21/10) my Dad had Surgery on his R knee. Cory (my brother) went to the hospital with him, so I was at home with 2-five year olds. It was fun. I decided to let them "style" (a term I use loosely)my hair. They had a blast and enjoyed the time with them.....
Brooke's Work
Jocelynn's Work

Then we had manicures and John took us 3 girls out to lunch! It was a very fun day! Dad's surgery went well. He is up and moving know and in hardly any pain!
Tuesday (9/22/2010) John and I took Jocey to the Rochester Fair. Overall I was unimpressed. They didn't have as many rides, vendors or animals. Jocelynn had a blast and wanted to ride everything (thankfully she isn't big enough...yet) including the zipper
and the freak out......
I think we have a daredevil on our hands!

Jocey also started a new school schedule this week....she will be going Mon., Tues., Wed., and Fri. from now on. Tuesdays are music class, she was missing them. Her teacher asked if there was anyway she could add Tuesdays. So after talking to John and Jocey about it, we decided it was a good thing!

Her first Tuesday (9/28/10) at school happen to also be picture day! I can't wait to see the proofs (which we should have back in a week). I hope there is at least one good one!!!!(they took 3 or 4 poses)

I had to make an appointment with my PCP, I started having some L side pain Thursday at work, and it seemed to get worse throughout the day. Thursday night (9/30/10) was awful. I hardly slept and I was in pain. So I went to my appointment to find out I have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), so I am on an antibiotic and hope to feel better tonight and get some sleep.

On the TTC front.....CD 21! What does that mean???? MORE bloodwork! Seems to be all I do! I am praying that this is our month! I have way too many woman (Some who I am close too) who are pregnant around me.....I wanna play too!!!!! The Dr. gave me antibiotics that are safe if I am pregnant. We should know yes or no in about 7-10 days!!! 

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