Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jocelynn's Surgery

Jocelynn had surgery on June 29th to remove her tonsils and adenoids. I think I was nor anxious about it then she was.

We scheduled her surgery about 4 weeks in advance. I wanted a chance to talk to her about it, but not leave her anxious and nervous about it for too long. She asked my periodically about it, what to expect, how she would feel, who else had the same surgery, if I would be there...the normal questions a 6 year old would ask when faced with the unknown. It was also unknown for me. I have not had that surgery, my brother Cory did when we were little, but I don't remember his recovery. 

The night before surgery was interesting. Jocelynn and I both slept fine (completely shocking to me), I figured she and I would be up all night know that is what us mothers do.  :)

We had to be at Wentworth Douglass Hospital at 7am....that was the tough part, waking Jocelynn

They took her back for surgery around 9:30. I was able to go into the operating room and hold her hand until she drifted to sleep. That was comforting for both her and I....more for me I think.
Jocelynn in her room recovering from surgery...watching a little T.V.
By 11am we were on the pediatric ward for recovery. She did not spend more than 15-20 in the recover room after surgery. Unfortunately she woke up before I got back to her in recovery - she did great until she saw me and that was when the sobbing tears started. She was a trooper, by the time I got to her in recovery she had 3-4 "bites" of her Popsicle, and was asking for more.

Her biggest complaint was that she could talk and she didn't think she was swallowing at first. The nurse and I had to explain that was the special medicine they put on her throat for the surgery. I'm a bad parent and have to admit that I didn't understand what she was saying. The nurse had to explain to me what she was telling me. Also, now I can look back at it and chuckle....I know she wasn't in pain and she is fine why not have a little chuckle!

We were headed home by 1pm....I was ready to get her home and "baby" her! Before we left she ate 2 Popsicle and drank an entire cup of apple juice and water. She was actually asking for food, the poor thing was hungry as it had been almost 18 hours since she had anything to eat. Unfortunately the only thing they said she could have that had any kind of substance was Jell-o. She ate 3 containers of Jello that night.

The Dr. gave her liquid Vicodin for the pain. She hated the taste and after 3 days of taking it every 4 hours we decided to let her decide if she wanted it...she didn't...until 1 week out. The Dr. told me that at 7-10 days the scabs would fall off and her throat would be painful...sure enough, she was on the Vicodin for 2 more days and then she was done.

I am a very proud Mommy! All the worries I had about her pain tolerance, Would she try and remove the I.V., and possible fight to keep her hydrated was for nothing! She was a trooper and did exactly what she was supposed to!
This is the I.V....that is quite the bandage! It never bothered Jocelynn!

Here is praying that there are no more surgeries in the "easy" as this one was, it still sucks when your child is hurt and you can't do anything to make them feel better!

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