Monday, September 20, 2010

More and More and More!

Today is CD10! Which meant blood-work with morning. Which is always fun first thing. Luckily the new Lab person that I am seeing on these weekly visits is great! She can get me first time and she is supper friendly and keeps me talking the entire time. I do miss Kathy at my old Dr.'s office, but I see this new relationship building (in the back of my mind I am hoping that this is it though).

Clomid is done!!!! One side effect that has been unusual for this this month is my lack of appetite! I'm not complaining, I just hope it continues so I can loose some weight.......

Jocelynn is doing great at school, she has a hard time getting up in the morning. She is like me and does NOT like to be woke up! We like to wake up on our own time.....kinda hard with School and Work. She still enjoys going and has brought home some great work. I have decided to document all her weekly projects by taking a picture of them. Then I can look back and remember without actually keeping everything. I will keep a few important or sentimental things. Look for pictures of her weekly work on facebook!

I am still working on the devotional for John (he is working on the one for me) and I am surprised how much it has helped me understand him better.

It has also helped me look at things in my life differently, especially since the last 2 weeks have been very hard emotionally for me. I have felt very alone. It is tough when you feel like you have no one to turn too! People you thought would be there for you aren't, for one reason or another. I have tried talking to John, but we just end up in an argument and it isn't worth it. I have relied a lot on God these last 2 weeks and he has helped me see that I am NOT alone! I am still learning, and it is different because sometimes I want those physical arms around me hugging, but I do find comfort in my daily conversations with Him!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here we go again!!!!

Yes, we are back on the monthly rollercoaster of meds and bloodwork! Sat was CD1, thankfully I took it this month in stride! It was strange, don't get me wrong, I was upset but I didn't throw the usual pity party! I have a feeling it is because we are actually doing something! No more TTC naturally! So I will be taking Clomid CD 5-9 Watch out

I had Bloodwork this morning and will go 2 more time over the next 2 weeks (CD 10 & CD 21). I am praying that this is the month and that I will be announcing some very happy news in October. It is in God's hands and His will! I have faith and believe and trust whatever He has in store for us on this journey!


 I have started a devotion for John. It is called "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian. It has really opened my eyes and helped me understand the way John thinks and feels. I have also started praying for him twice a day, the evening one is the prayer at the end of that chapter for the day and in the morning is my own prayer. The book has taught me a different way to pray and how in order for him to be strong and help him deal with his thoughts and feelings I need to enlist God's help. I think anyone who is looking for someway to help lift up and support their husband, this is the book for you. 

John and I have always had a strong marriage, of course we have had our bump and bruises, what marriage doesn't. Since I have been doing this devotional, I have felt a stronger connection to John and have a better respect for him.

On a side note, Stormie Omartian also has "The Power of a Praying Husband" which John has decided on his own to read! What better way to connect with each other then through the power of God and prayer! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time to relax.......It's been crazy!

The last week has been super busy, fun and emotionally draining!

Our best friends were up to visit for a few days! It was great getting to spend time with them!we weren't able to do much (because of the weather) but just having them around was great! Tyler and Jody I hope you both feel better soon!!!!!!

Jocelynn started pre-school on Tuesday (9/7)! She loved it! Monday was my emotional day, between out friends leaving (that morning) and jocey starting school (the next day) I was a basket case! I broke down 3 times and by the end of the night I was emotionally drained. Monday was easier for me, I did get teary eyed as I drove away from the school, but that is normal. I realized that this is the first time I have left Jocey in the care of some one who wasn't family or someone I knew on a personal level. It was a little scary!

She also went yesterday and was excited (guess that is a good sign!). Both days she didn't want to leave (it killed me a little inside). Thursday she stays home with Grammie and she was a little upset that she didn't get to go back to

She has made friends with a little boy names Noah! The teacher says they are inseparable! I think it is because he is the only boy that is close to her

On the TTC front, I am getting a little excited for this cycle! Not that I am looking forward to the Clomid side effects, but I feel like we are doing somthing to help, instead of TTC naturally! I pray to God that this is the cycle!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun and Busy weekends!

September Things are starting to get busy again. Tis the holiday season!

Last Saturday (8-28) we had a family trip to Canobie Lake Park! I was fun. 10 adults and 2 very excited little girls! The adults didn't get to go on many of the rides (it was Saturday and the lines were LONG!) but the girls had a blast on their rides! It was nice to just get together and spend the time talking and "picking on" each other!

Sunday (9-29) was the Air Show ate Pease Airforce Base! John, Jeremy, Jenn and I had fun. It was extremely hot and we left after only 5 hours, but what we saw while there was awesome!!!! Take a look at my facebook page for pictures!

This coming weekend promises to be another super busy weekend! Our best friends from Delaware are coming up and I can't wait to the time we have together!

Jocelynn's first day of school is in less than a week! She is excited and I am nervous. Hopefully it will go as smothly as I hope!

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