Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun and Busy weekends!

September Things are starting to get busy again. Tis the holiday season!

Last Saturday (8-28) we had a family trip to Canobie Lake Park! I was fun. 10 adults and 2 very excited little girls! The adults didn't get to go on many of the rides (it was Saturday and the lines were LONG!) but the girls had a blast on their rides! It was nice to just get together and spend the time talking and "picking on" each other!

Sunday (9-29) was the Air Show ate Pease Airforce Base! John, Jeremy, Jenn and I had fun. It was extremely hot and we left after only 5 hours, but what we saw while there was awesome!!!! Take a look at my facebook page for pictures!

This coming weekend promises to be another super busy weekend! Our best friends from Delaware are coming up and I can't wait to the time we have together!

Jocelynn's first day of school is in less than a week! She is excited and I am nervous. Hopefully it will go as smothly as I hope!

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