Friday, August 27, 2010

One foot in front of the other.....

I am trying. Getting back into the routine is tough. I am hoping to get better, especially since we start back on med (Clomid) next cycle (sometime in the beginning to middle of September)and I want to make sure I put all the information here! Mainly so I have a record (so I don't forget I could) and also for the few of you who actually care what is going on with me!

I will put my cycle ticker back up in "Our TTC Journey" section.

While we are on that subject, John and I received some fairly good news (it could have been better)but I am not complaining. We found out that John's surgery worked!!! His count has increased to almost normal (we are just off by about 4 million, but I'm not Since we have been seeing John's specialist (just over a year) between the meds and surgery his count has more than doubles!!! Now as long as I can get my body to do what it needs to we should be on the way to baby!!!!

Also we received news tonight that John is qualified and being considered for a job at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. This is wonderful news and we will continue to pray that if this is God's will that He help make it happen!

Thursday we had oopen house at Jocelynn's new school. She was so excited and seemed to really feel at home. Her first day is 9/6 and I will be taking a ton of pictures. Here she is all dressed up for open house...

 I can't believe my baby is going to school. You know where you will find me on her first day. Looking through all her baby pictures and crying..... Then I will dry the tears and put on a smile when I pick her up!

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