Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jocelynn's Surgery

Jocelynn had surgery on June 29th to remove her tonsils and adenoids. I think I was nor anxious about it then she was.

We scheduled her surgery about 4 weeks in advance. I wanted a chance to talk to her about it, but not leave her anxious and nervous about it for too long. She asked my periodically about it, what to expect, how she would feel, who else had the same surgery, if I would be there...the normal questions a 6 year old would ask when faced with the unknown. It was also unknown for me. I have not had that surgery, my brother Cory did when we were little, but I don't remember his recovery. 

The night before surgery was interesting. Jocelynn and I both slept fine (completely shocking to me), I figured she and I would be up all night know that is what us mothers do.  :)

We had to be at Wentworth Douglass Hospital at 7am....that was the tough part, waking Jocelynn

They took her back for surgery around 9:30. I was able to go into the operating room and hold her hand until she drifted to sleep. That was comforting for both her and I....more for me I think.
Jocelynn in her room recovering from surgery...watching a little T.V.
By 11am we were on the pediatric ward for recovery. She did not spend more than 15-20 in the recover room after surgery. Unfortunately she woke up before I got back to her in recovery - she did great until she saw me and that was when the sobbing tears started. She was a trooper, by the time I got to her in recovery she had 3-4 "bites" of her Popsicle, and was asking for more.

Her biggest complaint was that she could talk and she didn't think she was swallowing at first. The nurse and I had to explain that was the special medicine they put on her throat for the surgery. I'm a bad parent and have to admit that I didn't understand what she was saying. The nurse had to explain to me what she was telling me. Also, now I can look back at it and chuckle....I know she wasn't in pain and she is fine why not have a little chuckle!

We were headed home by 1pm....I was ready to get her home and "baby" her! Before we left she ate 2 Popsicle and drank an entire cup of apple juice and water. She was actually asking for food, the poor thing was hungry as it had been almost 18 hours since she had anything to eat. Unfortunately the only thing they said she could have that had any kind of substance was Jell-o. She ate 3 containers of Jello that night.

The Dr. gave her liquid Vicodin for the pain. She hated the taste and after 3 days of taking it every 4 hours we decided to let her decide if she wanted it...she didn't...until 1 week out. The Dr. told me that at 7-10 days the scabs would fall off and her throat would be painful...sure enough, she was on the Vicodin for 2 more days and then she was done.

I am a very proud Mommy! All the worries I had about her pain tolerance, Would she try and remove the I.V., and possible fight to keep her hydrated was for nothing! She was a trooper and did exactly what she was supposed to!
This is the I.V....that is quite the bandage! It never bothered Jocelynn!

Here is praying that there are no more surgeries in the "easy" as this one was, it still sucks when your child is hurt and you can't do anything to make them feel better!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

June Update

WOW....explaining what didn't happen in June may be easier.... Happy Blogoversary to me. I can't believe I started this blog 4 year ago, and unfortunately life has prevented me from updating as frequently but, I still try.

June started out with a Very Happy 10th Anniversary for John and I. We were able to get away for 3 days (without Jocelynn, which was harder then I thought it would be!) Thank goodness for my Mom and Dad who helped with caring for Jocelynn and getting her to and from school while we were away.

We went to Adventure Suites. We decided to go Sunday - Tuesday (Sunday and Monday night) because the room price was cheaper. Sunday night we stayed in the Love Shack, and although I was a little concerned with sleeping on a water bed, it was comfortable and we had now problems. Monday night we decided to spoil ourselves, it was our 10th Anniversary after all, and booked the Jungle Room. This room was worth every penny! We had a fantastic time! The service and people at the hotel were great and even surprised us with a place card that said "Thank you for choosing Adventure Suites and Happy 10th Anniversary!" it was a very sweet added touch. John and I had not been to Adventure suites since 2008 when he surprised me for our 6th Anniversary. It was nice to reconnect as a couple!

Then it was back to reality... which meant someone was sick. Jocelynn came down with non-group A Strep Throat, 2 days before Graduating from Kindergarten and 2 weeks before her surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. Luckily she started to get better on her own (before the strep throat was confirmed) but placed her on antibiotics anyways to make sure she was well by surgery.

Jocelynn in her cap and gown for Kindergarten graduation.
Two days later, (friday 6/15/2012) she graduated from Kindergarten. Complete with Cap and Gown. I can't believe she starts 1st grade in the fall. My baby is growing up so fast. The Graduation was cute and Jocelynn was able to read with her fellow graduate. It was a very proud Mommy moment. I was pretty surprised how together I kept it. In fact I wouldn't have teared up at all if it hadn't been for Jocelynn's teacher, Mrs. L. When Mrs. L gave Jocelynn her diploma, she teared up when saying a few words about how much she has enjoyed having Jocelynn in her class and how much she will be missed next year. And you know me, the moment she stared getting choked up, my eyes teared up as well. Luckily We have not had to say our real good-byes since they offer a summer camp and that is where Jocelynn will be this summer. The end of August will be hard. I truly adore Mrs. L and feel blessed to have found her for Jocelynn and had her teaching and influence for the last 2 years.

The following Monday was her pre-surgical visit with Mr O'Day's PA Jodie. She was great! She answered my Many, many, MANY questions and made me feel at ease (as much as you can) with the surgery. The entire office was fantastic and seemed to understand that I was nervous, more nervous then the actual patient.

Surgery was Friday, 6/29, and what a day it was. I will go into more detail in my next post(as this post is becoming very long.). Just know that she did fine and is completely healed (we are 3 weeks out) and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.....Thank Goodness. I don't know if I could have handled the worst case situation!

On the TTC front....still nothing. If there was you would have known by now...LMAO! I was hopeful for June since I was ovulation around the time of our Anniversary trip, but at last it was not in God's plan. I am being patient and leaving it all in his hands. Mean while we are still trying and I am working at loosing some weight. 4 pound down.....WAY to many to go!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

May Update

May was a little more on the quiet side. It was nice.

I was able to get Jocelynn registered for 1st grade. Can you believe how fast my baby is growing up. She seemed a little overwhelmed with all the kids coming into the school, and she is still not sold on riding the bus. She says I can drop her off at school every morning, which I can, my schedule allows it. I also am not excited about her riding the school bus, but that is just the overprotective me.

Jocelynn also turned into my toothless child. Loosing 3 teeth in 2 days (all in the front). It is really cute when she smiles. I hope we have a little break and she doesn't loose anymore until some of them grow back in.
Here she is missing 3 of her front teeth.

For Memorial Day, Jocelynn and her Daisy troop were in the Berwick Memorial Day Parade. I never realized how much walking was included. She enjoyed it, and at the end the troop sang "God Bless America" and did a great job!
Walking in the parade.
I also found out that I will be getting another niece on October. Jeremy and Ashley are having a little girl! I can't wait. That day will be full of amazing gifts. My oldest niece, Jekka, will be marrying Decklyn on the same day my youngest niece is due to be born........amazing!!!

On the TTC front......nada! I'm not surprised, hopeful, but realistic as well. John and I have decided to focus on becoming healthy. Loosing weight and making better choices overall with our lifestyle. I can do this, especially if it gets me one step closer to having another child.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


That one word says it all....overwhelmed.

There is so much going on with Jocelynn, from Kindergarten graduation, to her surgery, I started filling out the registration paperwork for 1st grade next year (public school which I'm unsure how I feel about), and her behavior problems in the last week. I am at a lost.

Not to mention frustration and disappointment at work.

I also seem to be on a huge shit list. I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong, but it seems there are many people unhappy around me. I feel like I am pulled in hundreds of different directions and can feel myself pulled very thin and on the verge of breaking. I can't even really explain it.....which makes me even more frustrated!

Some of the issue may be the weather. It has been rainy and cool for the last 2 weeks, finally today the sun is out, but I don't feel like going out and enjoying (especially since my hubby is working ALL day)! The only reason I feel I am out of bed is for Jocelynn's sake, and even she seems to be pushing my buttons. I know it is not her fault, but I have had to "take a break" more times then I want to admit.

For once I would like to feel like there is someone out there that doesn't expect me to be perfect! I want someone (besides my hubby and daughter) to make time for me, not vice verse. I want someone to ask me if I am ok, and not expect me to know all the answers. Not leave every decision to be made in my hands. I want to follow, not lead.

I feel like I am put out there to fail. Everyone looks to me to lead so that when shit hits the fan, there is someone to blame.

I can sit her all day and complain....I don't want to. I want to get these feeling out of me and move on! I want to be happy! I'm just not sure how to take that first step in the right direction......I have to keep trying! For no one else except my family!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jocelynn's Surgery

Yes, Jocelynn is having surgery. She needs her tonsils and Adenoids removed. So, when our health insurance was officially active on May 1st, I called the Dr. June 29th is her scheduled surgery date. I picked that date for 2 reasons, it is after her Kindergarten Graduation (June 15th) and she doesn't have daycare for the July 4th week. With her surgery being on the 29th, her recuperation will be the week of July 4th. So instead of having to take 2 weeks off (the July 4th week because there was no summer camp and post surgery recuperation week, I combined them....I know I'm a genius

I'm not going to lie, I am nervous as all get not. My baby girl is having surgery...eeeekkk. Everyone can tell me she is fine, Her Dr. is one of the best, he does this all the time, it like second nature for him....I don't care, it's MY BABY GIRL!!!!!

It was so bad, my heart was racing as I was talking to nurse and scheduling it....*sigh*

She knows she is going to have surgery at some point, I just haven't told her it is scheduled. She has been very nervous about it since we left the Dr. office back in Nov/Dec. I will tell her, I'm just not sure when. I want to do it far enough in advance as to not "spring it" on her at the last minute, but not far enough that she worried herself sick over it (which she will do). I have told her that when she has her treatment so her throat doesn't hurt....and that seems to be ok, it seems to the the big S word (surgery) that freaks her out. 

I guess time will tell, and I am sure she will handle it better then I give her credit for, she usually does.

April Update

Where do I begin with April.

In April, Jocelynn had school vacation and Good Friday off from school. For Good Friday, I stayed home with her and we brought Mulan to the vet. Mulan is perfect (a quote for the vet, but I already knew that). I had the privileged to watch Brooke and Gage for the night, it is amazing that you forget what having a 1 year old is like. They were both great, it was a different routine for me and every time either one of the moved, I was

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet nephew Tyler! It is hard to believe he is 3 already!

Jocelynn, Brooke and Gage at Easter
Happy Easter!!!!!! Jocelynn, Brooke and Gage were so cute on the Easter egg hunt, although Gage was bored with it after his 3rd egg....LOL As you can see by the picture, Gage was ready for a nap and not into having his picture taken!

Happy 1st Birthday Gage!
Happy 1st Birthday to my handsome nephew Gage! One year flew, but I am so blessed that my wonderful sister-in-law has kept me up to date on all thing pertaining to Brooke and Gage!

Jocelynn continues to do wonderful in Girl Scouts, but is undecided about next year. Some days she wants to continue, and then other days she says she doesn't. I guess I will continue to ask her and at some point she will have to make a decision.

Work has been frustrating and emotionally draining. That is all I can say about it, but I pray every day that things will change for the better again.

Happy Anniversary to Julio and Jody! 10 years is a wonderful milestone and there will be many more happy years ahead!
The new do!
April also saw a change for me, a new hair style. It is a modified pixie cut (that what my hair stylist calls it) I'm unsure about it. It is definitely different and it will take some time getting used to and figuring out how to style it. Only time will tell.

On the TTC front, John and I are trying some herbal supplements. I can't wait for May 1st when we have health insurance back and I can go back to the Dr. 

March Update

March was a strange and mainly quiet month. Beginning with a snowstorm on the 1st that had me working from home and Jocelynn had no school. In my mind, once March hits, there should never be snow. February is the cut off.

March was a very busy time for me at work. One of our larger fundraising events happened on the 18th, which meant overtime and extra work for myself and fellow co-worker Alaina. It was a very frustrating and patience trying time, but we both survived and the event was great!

On the TTC front, After the disappointing and heartbreaking miscarriage at the end of February, we decided to take the month of March "off", reconnect as a couple and not let TTC takeover our lives! It was a much needed break!

February Update

Here is the beginning of the updates.........

What happen in February???? 

First off, let me start by providing before and after pictures of Jocelynn's haircut. She was able to donate around 11 inches to locks of love.
Before....her hair was so long!
After the hair cut!

I was offered full-time at work on January 30th. As much I loved my schedule of working 32 hours, the new 40 hour schedule came with benefits that begin on 5/1/2012! 

February also marks another Birthday for me......33! After 30, another year isn't that bad except for the fact that I am moving closer and closer to 40....

With it being my Birthday month (when you get to a certain age, you celebrate all month!) I was able to have some fun times with some of my closest friends. Alaine, Kayla and Ashley came over on the 4th for Girls night in and then I spent the 11th shopping until we dropped with Andrea! What more could a girl ask for???

February was still pretty calm and laid back, with the weather being still cold and yuck, there isn't much to do outside. Our schedule gets supper busy when the warmer weather hit.

On the TTC front, John and I did receive some very happy news only to be hit with some very sad news. We managed to find out we were pregnant (finally) only to get devastating news a  few days later. Miscarriage is never something I want to hear about, but to experience it twice in 3 months is truly heartbreaking. December 20th and February 20th (both months with important event happening and joyful family times) will forever be slightly painful and tinged with an amount of sadness. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

A full update soon!

Things have been very busy since my last post. I am now full-time at work and that have consumed a lot of my time. I am going to try and get on a night this week and update with everything!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 3 and 4

Looks like I am still working on the "blogging at least once a week."
Jocelynn received her report card last week, straight A's (with an A+ in phoenics) I am one very happy Mom!
She also lost a tooth this week (her 3rd) and was super excited about the tooth fairy coming. She was up early this morning....
Jocelynn and her missing tooth!
Today we have an appointment to cut Jocey's hair. She says she "wants it like Mommy's" which is shorter than shoulder length. I think we will go shoulder length, that way we can still put it up if needed. So this means 6-8 inches cut.....I think I am the nervous one. I just keep telling myself it will grow back!
Jocelynn was able to meet her goal for selling Girl Scout cookies. She is very excited to get her "special" patch!
John and I are moving along day to day! Our main focus is jocey and enjoying the time we have with her.
It looks like some things will be changing for me at work soon, in a good way. More information to come later...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crazy Week...

This week has been crazy. Monday Jocey went back to school but I had Monday off. I watched my girl-friends son while she was at work(he wasn't back to school yet) and I hope he had fun. He played the Xbox kinect  most of the day.

my hours at work have been cut back to 32. It stinks but I am praying for full-time in the next couple of weeks, especially since Friday is my immediate boss' last day and I will probably pick up some of her work load.....*sigh*

Wednesday was mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

Jocelynn is feeling much better. Her bathroom issue seems to be fixed and she hasn't had to have her medicine all week. I'm glad it seems I won't have to deal with that anymore.

We are still working on getting the paperwork together for Jocey's surgery. I want to hold off until the end of the month to see if I get full-time at work, (i'll get benefits and health insurance) that would help us schedule immediately.( the surgery isn't something that is life threatening)  Continuing to pray and put it in God's hands.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!!!

I'm going to try an post more, especially since I found the application for my phone and can post on the go.

We are all doing very well. Jocelyn will be having surgery to remove her tonsils and adnoids in the next couple of month.  We have also been having an issue with her going to the bathroom. It was a very scary 3 weeks, but the medication the Dr. Gave her seems to be working.

John is still working, it has been slow but seems to be picking up both with his boss and his own side work. I know we have everything we need, and we are learning to trust fully in God's plan for us!

I was hoping to be able to share good news with all of you but it was not meant to be. John and I were pregnant right before Christmas but lost the baby on the 20th. We were 5weeks 2days pregnant. I am sad and upset. The baby would have been due around John's birthday.

Here is praying for a happy healthy new year and for the ability for john and I to be able to share good news soon!

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