Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 3 and 4

Looks like I am still working on the "blogging at least once a week."
Jocelynn received her report card last week, straight A's (with an A+ in phoenics) I am one very happy Mom!
She also lost a tooth this week (her 3rd) and was super excited about the tooth fairy coming. She was up early this morning....
Jocelynn and her missing tooth!
Today we have an appointment to cut Jocey's hair. She says she "wants it like Mommy's" which is shorter than shoulder length. I think we will go shoulder length, that way we can still put it up if needed. So this means 6-8 inches cut.....I think I am the nervous one. I just keep telling myself it will grow back!
Jocelynn was able to meet her goal for selling Girl Scout cookies. She is very excited to get her "special" patch!
John and I are moving along day to day! Our main focus is jocey and enjoying the time we have with her.
It looks like some things will be changing for me at work soon, in a good way. More information to come later...

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