Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow-up appointment.

Went to the Dr. again this morning for a follow-up u/s and blood work. Things are great!

Follicle size:
Left: 18.26 & 21.55
Right: 12.55, 13.71, 14.03, 14.11 & 16.78

The 3 bigger ones will most likely be a go, so she gave me the injection to ovulate. The next 2 Mondays I will be going in for blood work, 4-6-09 will be a progesterone level check and 4-13-09 is a blood pregnancy test (BETA). I am excited, still have some 'work' to do to give us every opportunity of getting a positive test.

My blood work from CD 3 came back good and the Dr. isn't really worried anymore about my ovarian reserves. That makes me feel better. FSH: 6.8, LH: 5.9 and E2: 63. I know this information means nothing to most people, but this blog is more of a journal for my life!

Jocelynn did WONDERFUL at her dentist appointment! It did take a little convincing, but not as much as I thought. She wouldn't sit in the chair by herself, but was willing to sit on my lap. The hygienist was even able to polish her teeth with the 'tooth tickler'. I was very pleasantly surprised and feel silly for feeling so anxious about the appointment.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dr. Appointment

I went this morning(3/29) for an u/s to check follicles. I was extremely happy to see 7! WHAT?!?!!?!

2 on the left measuring 17.72 & 16.73

5 on the right measuring 12.51, 12.57, 12.59, 13.83 & 14.61

lining was 9.12

Not too bad considering they are doing a Clomid challenge to check my ovarian reserves....not so sure that is a worry with the number of

I go back in the morning for another u/s, she wanted to give the bigger ones another night before triggering. So tomorrow(3/30) we will see what those 7 did!!!

In other news, John and I were able to go to church again this morning. I really do like the new church we found and I am beginning to believe that it is a perfect fit, and exactly what we were looking for and needed. We were not sure if we would make it this morning due to a prior obligation, but I decided that is was more important to make it to church and delayed my prior obligation.

John and I are still working on the basement. We were able to purchase a futon so there is now some seating and also an extra bed if needed! It is nice to be able to go down, watch a movie or play a video game and not have to sit on the floor or in a metal folding chair. Now I just have to find fabric to make a cover, we thought of using the same fabric as the curtains (black with red and blue popcorn buckets with popcorn ever were) but decided to find a more durable material in a neutral and use the popcorn fabric to make pillows. We are still looking for a border that looks like a movie reel, and we will be getting the movie posters together to start hanging up. Once that is done all we will need is the ceiling and a counter top for the concession area. Oh, and of course John's popcorn man dreams big sometimes.

I have a feeling the basement will be a work in progress for a few more months.

Jocelynn is doing good. We seem to be in a good place for now, we have been for about 3 weeks, so I am waiting the the trying to start again. She has her first dentist appointment tomorrow..I think I am more nervous then she is, my baby is growing up too fast!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Living Life!

There seems to be a lot going on lately.

1.) I started back to work very part time in February. They needed someone to cover until they could hire a new person for my old position. They have hired someone and I am now in the training process. It is going good and I think this lady will work out nicely. We shall see. Either way it seems like my help will be coming to an end soon.

2.) I started my medicated cycle last night. I will be taking 100 mg of Clomid every night for the next 4 nights. I do not look forward to this because of the side effects, but the Clomid was all it took for us to conceive Jocelynn, let pray that this will do it this time as well!

3.) John's sister had surgery to remove her appendix last week, which for her is pretty serious. She is doing great.

4.) John's parents have been visiting since Thursday evening. They are planning on heading home today, it has been a very nice visit. We have spent some much needed time together and it is always nice to see them interact with Jocelynn.

5.) I believe we found a church!!! I am so excited about this because I have felt like something has been missing. It is a small church, which is what I wanted! I was hoping to go to services this coming Sunday, but I made plans before finding the church and feel the need to keep those plans. John and I still may be able to go if I don't have to be at my previous obligation until later. Lets hope and pray!

As you can see, we have been busy. I am hoping that everything settles down soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here we go!

To day I had an appointment with the RE. Normal CD 3/4 u/s and blood work. No Cysts!!! SO we are on to Clomid. 100mg cd 5-9. Beware of the Bitchy beast!!!!!!lol

My next appointment is Sunday, 3/29 for an u.s to check follie growth and more blood work. They are checking my ovarian reserve. Here is a good explanation from

The clomiphene challenge test is used to check the egg supply (ovarian reserve), usually in women in their 30s and 40s who are considering using reproductive technology to conceive. It can also be used for younger women when ovulation medicine has not worked.

The clomiphene challenge test is done over many days. Clomiphene is a fertility medicine that stimulates the pituitary to release hormones that cause the ovaries to release eggs. A blood test to measure a woman's follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) level is done on days 3 to 5 of her menstrual cycle, followed by 5 days of an oral dose of clomiphene. On day 10, blood FSH levels are measured again. If a woman's ovarian reserve is normal, FSH levels tend to return to normal by day 10. However, an elevated FSH level on days 3 to 5 or day 10 may mean a low ovarian reserve. A high FSH level can be a sign that the ovaries are having trouble releasing eggs.

I am interested to find out what the blood work says. Needles to say, if I have an issue with my ovarian reserve, we will be moving to IVF sooner then we had planned! I am not worried. I have a concern, but I know everything will work out.

John and I finally went to the new church we have been 'researching' for the last few weeks. Just a small church, which is what we wanted. Our other church (the one we were married in) had become to large for our liking. This church so far is perfect, very welcoming and warm. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle life head on. It renewed my faith and made me remember exactly what was important in my life. He has a plan for me and need to trust in him during this journey!

PS: JD I am thinking about you this morning and praying those beautiful Embryos implant!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So yesterday was CD1. I was actually praying for AF to show this month because with as sick as I have been for the last week, I would have worried the entire pregnancy! So this is the month we start back to the RE. I have an appointment Monday morning for an u/s to make sure there are no cysts on my ovaries and for baseline blood work. I will be doing Clomid this month and also doing a clomid challenge to check my ovarian function. Funny thing is if we get pregnant this cycle, my EDD would be 12/25/09...LOL

I guess time will tell how this month goes. I have high hopes but not so high that if it doesn't happen this month I will not go on any longer. I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that it WILL happen in do time and I have to be patient. I am also trying to focus on my blessing in life!

PS: Good Luck JD! I am sending you all the baby dust I have! This will be it for you!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

SO I guess better late then sorry! I had a horrible St. Patty's Day. I was sicker then I can remember ever being.

My sick HELL started at about 10:30 on Monday night. Without going into a lot of detail...The vomiting started at about 10:30 and didn't let up until 3 in the morning. There was a 2 hour time frame were I didn't even leave the bathroom because there was no point!During the entire time I had some of the worst stomach cramps I had ever experienced. If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was a gallbladder attack, but since mine was removed in 10/2006, I know it wasn't that.

Finally I fell asleep at about 3am and slept for 2 hours....on the couch, because John had to go to work and needed his sleep. At 5am he gets to go to work, tries not to wake me but was unsuccessful. I decide that my throat hurts and I am so dry I need to drink something. I take a sip, yes one sip of ginger ale and 30 minutes later I am in the bathroom bringing it up...WTF

I fall back asleep and stay asleep until 8:30 am. I wake up and at least the cramping is gone. My stomach feels better but not 100%. I decide to try some water and by some miracle, that stays down. I don't dare drink or eat anything else until later. Finally about 7pm I get brave and eat Saltine crackers......Hallelujah, they stay down.....I believe I am finally on the mend!

This morning I am feeling better. I still only dare eat saltines and I am sticking with the water, but was brave again this morning and drank a far so good!

Like I said, I have never been so sick except maybe when I was 8 and had chicken pocks! I think it was food poisoning...but who knows!

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's been a week

I can't believe is has been a week since my last post. As you can probably tell, not a lot has been going on. What little that has happened has mostly to do with the basement!

The trim is up! It looks great. I'm not completely sure of the color. I will have to give it time.

Also purchased the fabric for the curtain for the one tiny window. I love the fabric. It is black background with red and blue popcorn buckets with the popcorn spilling out. It is perfect for the movie theme. I'm hoping I purchased enough fabric to make a couple pillows.

Also the door to the other half of the basement (the laundry room) has been installed. John started painting the trim around the door and window last night. It looks good. Still undecided what color we are going to paint the door (if we are at all). It is a medium dark wood, not sure if the trim or wall color would look better. i will have to take pictures and post it and let you all tell me what would look best.

Other then that life has been pretty boring. Work is still super busy, in fact I should be doing some work from home as we Hopefully i get motivated to do so soon!

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

PSS: Kristina I hope you feel better!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My 100th Post!!!!!!

Happy March!!!!! I can't believe it is March already. Where have January and February gone?!?!?!

Not alot going on here. Snowing like a mofo again! It isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow (Monday) evening and we are supposed to have something like 18 more inches! wtf!!!! I am so tired of snow already!!!!!

On other fronts, the trim has been purchased for the basement. We got a super cheap deal on some very nice trim. The painting will begin tomorrow and it will be installed at the earliest opportunity! We are painting it a very nice Medium Gray called 'Tin Man'. More pictures will come when that happens

Then the only thing left is the ceiling and the furniture. The ceiling will take a few more weeks before the funds are available for that!

We were able to utilize the space for the first time yesterday (Saturday). We had family dinner for Kristina's Birthday. After dinner Kristina, Cory, John and I went to the basement and played some board games. Harry Potter Scene It and Clue DVD. It was a blast and so much fun! I hope to have a few more night like that in the near future and it will be even better when we get furniture along with a table.

Right now all we have is 3 folding metal chairs and an over sized bean bag chair. Or the floor if you so It is a work in progress that will be done soon.....I hope!

This weekend has been pretty laid back and relaxing! Friday we did go out to Dinner with Kristina and about 18 of her other friends. FUN!!!!! Margarita's has some of the best drinks and the fact that they accommodate 22 of us on a Friday night is amazing! There was just a bit of alcohol consumed! Every time I turned around there was a waiter bringing out a tray with 5-6 drinks. They were YUMMY! It was nice to just get out and have a great time with 'adults' if you can call them that....LOL

BTW: Happy Birthday Kristina! I hope you had a GREAT day!!!!!

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