Monday, March 30, 2009

Follow-up appointment.

Went to the Dr. again this morning for a follow-up u/s and blood work. Things are great!

Follicle size:
Left: 18.26 & 21.55
Right: 12.55, 13.71, 14.03, 14.11 & 16.78

The 3 bigger ones will most likely be a go, so she gave me the injection to ovulate. The next 2 Mondays I will be going in for blood work, 4-6-09 will be a progesterone level check and 4-13-09 is a blood pregnancy test (BETA). I am excited, still have some 'work' to do to give us every opportunity of getting a positive test.

My blood work from CD 3 came back good and the Dr. isn't really worried anymore about my ovarian reserves. That makes me feel better. FSH: 6.8, LH: 5.9 and E2: 63. I know this information means nothing to most people, but this blog is more of a journal for my life!

Jocelynn did WONDERFUL at her dentist appointment! It did take a little convincing, but not as much as I thought. She wouldn't sit in the chair by herself, but was willing to sit on my lap. The hygienist was even able to polish her teeth with the 'tooth tickler'. I was very pleasantly surprised and feel silly for feeling so anxious about the appointment.

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