Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dr. Appointment

I went this morning(3/29) for an u/s to check follicles. I was extremely happy to see 7! WHAT?!?!!?!

2 on the left measuring 17.72 & 16.73

5 on the right measuring 12.51, 12.57, 12.59, 13.83 & 14.61

lining was 9.12

Not too bad considering they are doing a Clomid challenge to check my ovarian reserves....not so sure that is a worry with the number of

I go back in the morning for another u/s, she wanted to give the bigger ones another night before triggering. So tomorrow(3/30) we will see what those 7 did!!!

In other news, John and I were able to go to church again this morning. I really do like the new church we found and I am beginning to believe that it is a perfect fit, and exactly what we were looking for and needed. We were not sure if we would make it this morning due to a prior obligation, but I decided that is was more important to make it to church and delayed my prior obligation.

John and I are still working on the basement. We were able to purchase a futon so there is now some seating and also an extra bed if needed! It is nice to be able to go down, watch a movie or play a video game and not have to sit on the floor or in a metal folding chair. Now I just have to find fabric to make a cover, we thought of using the same fabric as the curtains (black with red and blue popcorn buckets with popcorn ever were) but decided to find a more durable material in a neutral and use the popcorn fabric to make pillows. We are still looking for a border that looks like a movie reel, and we will be getting the movie posters together to start hanging up. Once that is done all we will need is the ceiling and a counter top for the concession area. Oh, and of course John's popcorn man dreams big sometimes.

I have a feeling the basement will be a work in progress for a few more months.

Jocelynn is doing good. We seem to be in a good place for now, we have been for about 3 weeks, so I am waiting the the trying to start again. She has her first dentist appointment tomorrow..I think I am more nervous then she is, my baby is growing up too fast!

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Jody Garcia said...

Good to hear things are going well. We are praying for you and John both. Hope you hear good news soon and the church will continue to be a blessing to both of you.

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