Sunday, March 1, 2009

My 100th Post!!!!!!

Happy March!!!!! I can't believe it is March already. Where have January and February gone?!?!?!

Not alot going on here. Snowing like a mofo again! It isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow (Monday) evening and we are supposed to have something like 18 more inches! wtf!!!! I am so tired of snow already!!!!!

On other fronts, the trim has been purchased for the basement. We got a super cheap deal on some very nice trim. The painting will begin tomorrow and it will be installed at the earliest opportunity! We are painting it a very nice Medium Gray called 'Tin Man'. More pictures will come when that happens

Then the only thing left is the ceiling and the furniture. The ceiling will take a few more weeks before the funds are available for that!

We were able to utilize the space for the first time yesterday (Saturday). We had family dinner for Kristina's Birthday. After dinner Kristina, Cory, John and I went to the basement and played some board games. Harry Potter Scene It and Clue DVD. It was a blast and so much fun! I hope to have a few more night like that in the near future and it will be even better when we get furniture along with a table.

Right now all we have is 3 folding metal chairs and an over sized bean bag chair. Or the floor if you so It is a work in progress that will be done soon.....I hope!

This weekend has been pretty laid back and relaxing! Friday we did go out to Dinner with Kristina and about 18 of her other friends. FUN!!!!! Margarita's has some of the best drinks and the fact that they accommodate 22 of us on a Friday night is amazing! There was just a bit of alcohol consumed! Every time I turned around there was a waiter bringing out a tray with 5-6 drinks. They were YUMMY! It was nice to just get out and have a great time with 'adults' if you can call them that....LOL

BTW: Happy Birthday Kristina! I hope you had a GREAT day!!!!!

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