Monday, March 9, 2009

It's been a week

I can't believe is has been a week since my last post. As you can probably tell, not a lot has been going on. What little that has happened has mostly to do with the basement!

The trim is up! It looks great. I'm not completely sure of the color. I will have to give it time.

Also purchased the fabric for the curtain for the one tiny window. I love the fabric. It is black background with red and blue popcorn buckets with the popcorn spilling out. It is perfect for the movie theme. I'm hoping I purchased enough fabric to make a couple pillows.

Also the door to the other half of the basement (the laundry room) has been installed. John started painting the trim around the door and window last night. It looks good. Still undecided what color we are going to paint the door (if we are at all). It is a medium dark wood, not sure if the trim or wall color would look better. i will have to take pictures and post it and let you all tell me what would look best.

Other then that life has been pretty boring. Work is still super busy, in fact I should be doing some work from home as we Hopefully i get motivated to do so soon!

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

PSS: Kristina I hope you feel better!!!!!

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