Monday, March 23, 2009

Here we go!

To day I had an appointment with the RE. Normal CD 3/4 u/s and blood work. No Cysts!!! SO we are on to Clomid. 100mg cd 5-9. Beware of the Bitchy beast!!!!!!lol

My next appointment is Sunday, 3/29 for an u.s to check follie growth and more blood work. They are checking my ovarian reserve. Here is a good explanation from

The clomiphene challenge test is used to check the egg supply (ovarian reserve), usually in women in their 30s and 40s who are considering using reproductive technology to conceive. It can also be used for younger women when ovulation medicine has not worked.

The clomiphene challenge test is done over many days. Clomiphene is a fertility medicine that stimulates the pituitary to release hormones that cause the ovaries to release eggs. A blood test to measure a woman's follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) level is done on days 3 to 5 of her menstrual cycle, followed by 5 days of an oral dose of clomiphene. On day 10, blood FSH levels are measured again. If a woman's ovarian reserve is normal, FSH levels tend to return to normal by day 10. However, an elevated FSH level on days 3 to 5 or day 10 may mean a low ovarian reserve. A high FSH level can be a sign that the ovaries are having trouble releasing eggs.

I am interested to find out what the blood work says. Needles to say, if I have an issue with my ovarian reserve, we will be moving to IVF sooner then we had planned! I am not worried. I have a concern, but I know everything will work out.

John and I finally went to the new church we have been 'researching' for the last few weeks. Just a small church, which is what we wanted. Our other church (the one we were married in) had become to large for our liking. This church so far is perfect, very welcoming and warm. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle life head on. It renewed my faith and made me remember exactly what was important in my life. He has a plan for me and need to trust in him during this journey!

PS: JD I am thinking about you this morning and praying those beautiful Embryos implant!!!!!


Jody Garcia said...

Good luck and hope this new church works out. We'll continue to pray that you guys will find the right one that will suit your wants and needs!

Jekka09 said...

Where is this new church you speak of?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the clomid challenge girly!

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