Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The good and the bad

Good news, CD 10 FSH level was a 4.6!!!!! That is very good and the RE is no longer concerned about my ovarian reserve!!!!!! That is a load off of my mind! I am kinda going crazy in this 2ww. It always is like this after a break, getting back on the horse and the possibilities are amazing and makes me feel hopeful again!

Things have been going good otherwise. Work is frustrating and the new person that I am training is frustrating, but I should be finished up there shortly. I have decided to continue my Fridays at the shelter as a volunteer. I enjoy the 'me' time and Jocelynn seems to be minding better since I am not home 24/7. We will see how long this trick works!

Things have been pretty boring and same thing day after day, which is good but leaves too much time for my brain to work overtime!

JD, you are in my thoughts today. Please let me know if you need to chat, I am always here for you! {{{hugs}}}

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