Thursday, April 30, 2009

TTC Update

So On Tuesday, 4/28 (CD 10) I had an u/s to check follie growth. I had 6 ~ R: 10.44, 10.66, 10.75 & 11.52 L: 11.62 & 11.73. Not bad, but not were they usually are at thing point in my cycle after Clomid.

So Today, I went for a follow-up u/s to check their progress; R: 10.42, 12.35, 12.45, 12.62 & 12.82 L: 8.15 & 10.31. WHAT HAPPENED???? the 2 on the left seem to have given up and they are not in the running any more. The 4 on the left have grown...great!!!...but not as much as I have seen in the past, and they added a

So I get to go AGAIN on Saturday for another u/s to see if they are going to continue to grow or if they are going to fizzle out. Why is my body throwing me a curve ball this month?

I have a few theories:
1: I have been sick.....I know this can effect other aspects of the body.
2: I have been stressed! We all know how that can effect us.
3: I took my Clomid on CD 6-10 instead of CD 5-9. Why you ask? because I forgot. I feel like a buffoon. I don't know why I forgot to take it on the first day when I should have, I just did. You would think that this is #1 on my list of thing to remember? I have no excuse other then I am human.

So maybe this cycle is a bust already? who knows, not sure how many u/s they will give me? I guess we will find out!

Also, I know this may sound funny, but after having some time to process the news from the Dr. in regards to John's s/a I have realized that for the first time in the last 30 cycle of TTC, I feel Hopeful. We have an answer and a treatment course.

I also feel like God has opened my eyes to the WHY. Why are we going through infertility a second time. I know the first time was for me to be dx with PCOS. So i could start treatment and be a step ahead of the effect PCOS can have if gone untreated. This time was so John could be treated for low testoterone and when else the Urologist may find. Again, if gone untreated has some bad effects on the body. Praise the Lord for He is always by our side and will always be there to show us the way!


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