Sunday, May 3, 2009

F*** Wal-mart!

F*** Wal-mart! I am done....not that it will make a difference to them, but I will feel better!

John purchased a new MP3 player yesterday morning. It was my mother's day present. He gave it to me early.....I love this man! Well, I went to open it and it was already open....not a big deal usually! I charge it and go to turn it on and it freezes at the main screen......WTH, so I package it back up so we can return it.

So we get to wal-mart, hand the items over to return (there was also an accessory pack that didn't fit the MP3 player, even though it was supposed too, and that as well had been opened when I received it) They say to us, the serial number on the player is different then the one on the package. I knew right there it would mean trouble!

The said that they could exchange the MP3 player for the same one, but policy states that they couldn't refund our money......WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

Normally, the exchange would have been fine, but it would also look like I was guilty of something.....which we weren't.

Also, I want to purchase my MP3 player somewhere else. So we are still waiting on what is going to happen. They are going to review the security tape (not like that will prove anything.)

What really had my blood boiling, was the B*tch that waited on us (she is THE meanest person at walmart, guess that is why she does returns) kept saying how they don't put items back on the shelf after they have been open, especially electronics.....really.....whay a LIE! The accessory pack was opened before, and I have purchased other opened packages...usually at a discounted don't give me that bull!

Then she had the nerve to say, "well, then you shouldn't have purchased it." WHAT?!?!?!?! We didn't know the package was open until John was home. Why? because the players are locked up, so the associate unlocked the cabinet, took the item to the register, and then placed it in a bag when John purchased it.......So John never handled the item. Could he have asked too....or course, but how many of us actually do????

So needless to say we are pissed....for lack of a better word....and we are not doing business with wal-mart any longer....F*** Wal-mart!!!!

I will also be contacting wal-mart and let them know what happened.....I will not be made to feel guilty and dirty when I am an honest person!!!!!

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Jody Garcia said...

guess the sermon today wasen't on cursing! :) Just kidding...

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