Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Praise God!

God really does work miracles in our lives! I was offered a part-time position at CVHS! It will be two days a week, Monday and Friday and it is just what I needed right now! I LOVE staying home with Jocelynn, but have missed the adult interaction and feeling like I am contributing to the income for the family. The ladies there are great and in the last year I have missed them and I am so happy they are willing to welcome me back with open arms!

The next few weeks I am going to try and pick up as many hours as I can (at least until John goes back to work)!

The other reason this is so exciting, it allows us to take our trip down south in 3 weeks. When John was laid off, that trip was put on hold for obvious reasons! Now it is back on! I can't wait to have a few days with great friends, see my niece and meet my new nephew!

All I have to say is praise the Lord! You are truly amazing and I am blessed!


Jody Garcia said...
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Jody Garcia said...

yeah for the trip being back on! I'm so excited! We're going to have so much fun and boy do both of us need it!

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