Monday, May 4, 2009

Making progress

Jocelynn had her second dance class on Saturday (5/2). We are making progress. This time she actually stood inside the room and watched (I stayed outside, but were she could see me) and at one point she went and stood in the line with the other girls. She didn't dance, just stood there and watched, but progress is progress! I believe she will be loving it by the end of the month!!!!!!

Onto TTC news, we are a go for our IUI cycle! I went this morning for an u/s, 3 great follies measuring 17.93, 20.73 & 22.03! So we have the IUI scheduled for tomorrow (5/5) at 4pm! This has been a very weird cycle.....I like weird cycles....the cycle we got pregnant with Jocelynn was a weird cycle we are hoping and praying!

SO I guess after tomorrow I am officially in the 2ww.......the longest 2 weeks of my life!

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densfordfamily said...

hurray for weird cycles!!

i'm so excited that you are doing iui!!

yeah, this 2ww is going to suck more than usual even!!

good luck tomorrow!! xoxoxo

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