Sunday, May 17, 2009


Friday I worked a full day! It was nice and I forgot how much I miss the ladies I used to work with! I have 3 more days to

Yesterday we went to the beach! It was overcast and cold, but we had fun flying the kite!!!!

Tomorrow is my BETA! I am nervous and excited! I really hope it is good news....I don't want to have to take a break! But we will make it through whatever the results are!

I have also learned in the last couple of days that there are some Psychotic people in this world! People who believe that they are mistreated and wronged and will attack and try and bring down innocent people who are trying to live their lives and better the lives of children who deserve a happy home! I love you girl! and please don't let what the psycho woman says mean anything to you! She needs some serious help!

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densfordfamily said...

i hope your beta is.....lets seeeee.....113!! i just like that number.


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