Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let Down

So this month was another disappointing month! BFN.....I don't know why I bother getting my hopes up. We are at a cross roads in our TTC journey.....we have decided that we can't go to the Dr. and do meds, but we are not going to prevent! Call me irresponsible but I can't see the point of using birth control when we have such a hard time getting pregnant.....if by some miracle we do get pregnant we will make do! It will kill me to put it all completely on hold. I guess only time will tell!

One thing this month has shown me is the WONDERFUL friends and family I have supporting us through this journey! I love you all and because of you I can continue on every day!

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Jody Garcia said...

I can't imagine how difficult each month is for you...I'm here if I can help in anyway.

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