Monday, April 20, 2009

Outdoor Fun!

John and my Dad were able to put Jocelynn's swing set up this weekend. Today that is all I have heard

John and My Dad working on the swing set!

Jocelynn and Jekka swinging.....well, Jekka

John and my Dad took a little too long finishing the slide.....Jocelynn sat at the end and was waiting....not so patiently!


As you can see, she had a blast and it was made even better because her favorite cousin was up to make her every wish come true!!!! Love you Jekka!!!!! It was nice to spend time outside in the nice weather and start washing away those winter blues!

We are still looking into preschool for her, not sure it will be needed if we also sign her up for karate as well as her dance classes. I think I like the idea right now of the extracurricular activities with a possible preschool in September.

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Jekka09 said...

Haha to make her every wish come true, that's what's cousins are for... or to be the personal slave of the most adorable 3 year old on the face of the planet. :)


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