Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A small ray of sunshine....i guess

SO, John received the his results from his testosterone test......it's low. Waiting on the full results from the Dr., but the basic results are low. I know this sounds funny, but that is the best news I have heard all day. This means it may be simple hormone replacement!

John says he is relieved with all the news we have received today. I asked him why? He said, and I quote "I am hoping that this takes some of the pressure off you and you can start to realize that you are not broken.....it's me."

This is why I love this man with all my heart!

I ask that you pray that we are strong enough to have faith in God's plan!


Jody Garcia said...

It breaks my heart that either of you feel that you are "broken". Try to keep lifting each other up during this trying time.

Mrs. JDM3 said...

Unfortunately that is how we feel. We are broken because our bodies do not do what should be so natural and effortless.

I am lucky that we have each other to lean on and you and Julio to help us!

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