Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dance Class....

Today was Jocelynn's first Ballet and Tap Dance class. Last night when we purchased her ballet and tap shoes, tights and leotard she was so excited. All the way to dance class she wouldn't stop talking about dancing and "being a princess." Once we were at the Studio and dance class was beginning it was a different story. She didn't want to leave Mommy's side. She stood in the door the entire hour and watched.

The ladies at Studio 109 were wonderful. I am sure they see this all the time. It is an hour class, the first 30 minutes in Ballet and the last 30 minutes is Tap. She changed her shoes and everything but wouldn't go into the class and try. I think it was very overwhelming for her and hopefully next class will be better. We have talked about next class and she says that she will be a big girl and go in and dance, but we all know that what a 3 year old says and what a 3 year old does are two different things.

As you can see, she is adorable in her leotard.

A Picture of me during Dance.

I guess only time will tell and I pray that she will enjoy it as much as I do. She is not going to the same studio as I did because I have decided to take her this studio because the owner is a woman I went to school with and she is great. She even tried to help me get Jocelynn to join the class.

In other news, today is CD1.....gaah....I knew it was coming but the witch took her sweet time. So onto the next cycle and meds with an IUI.

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