Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!!!

I'm going to try an post more, especially since I found the application for my phone and can post on the go.

We are all doing very well. Jocelyn will be having surgery to remove her tonsils and adnoids in the next couple of month.  We have also been having an issue with her going to the bathroom. It was a very scary 3 weeks, but the medication the Dr. Gave her seems to be working.

John is still working, it has been slow but seems to be picking up both with his boss and his own side work. I know we have everything we need, and we are learning to trust fully in God's plan for us!

I was hoping to be able to share good news with all of you but it was not meant to be. John and I were pregnant right before Christmas but lost the baby on the 20th. We were 5weeks 2days pregnant. I am sad and upset. The baby would have been due around John's birthday.

Here is praying for a happy healthy new year and for the ability for john and I to be able to share good news soon!

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