Tuesday, July 3, 2012

May Update

May was a little more on the quiet side. It was nice.

I was able to get Jocelynn registered for 1st grade. Can you believe how fast my baby is growing up. She seemed a little overwhelmed with all the kids coming into the school, and she is still not sold on riding the bus. She says I can drop her off at school every morning, which I can, my schedule allows it. I also am not excited about her riding the school bus, but that is just the overprotective me.

Jocelynn also turned into my toothless child. Loosing 3 teeth in 2 days (all in the front). It is really cute when she smiles. I hope we have a little break and she doesn't loose anymore until some of them grow back in.
Here she is missing 3 of her front teeth.

For Memorial Day, Jocelynn and her Daisy troop were in the Berwick Memorial Day Parade. I never realized how much walking was included. She enjoyed it, and at the end the troop sang "God Bless America" and did a great job!
Walking in the parade.
I also found out that I will be getting another niece on October. Jeremy and Ashley are having a little girl! I can't wait. That day will be full of amazing gifts. My oldest niece, Jekka, will be marrying Decklyn on the same day my youngest niece is due to be born........amazing!!!

On the TTC front......nada! I'm not surprised, hopeful, but realistic as well. John and I have decided to focus on becoming healthy. Loosing weight and making better choices overall with our lifestyle. I can do this, especially if it gets me one step closer to having another child.

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