Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time to relax.......It's been crazy!

The last week has been super busy, fun and emotionally draining!

Our best friends were up to visit for a few days! It was great getting to spend time with them!we weren't able to do much (because of the weather) but just having them around was great! Tyler and Jody I hope you both feel better soon!!!!!!

Jocelynn started pre-school on Tuesday (9/7)! She loved it! Monday was my emotional day, between out friends leaving (that morning) and jocey starting school (the next day) I was a basket case! I broke down 3 times and by the end of the night I was emotionally drained. Monday was easier for me, I did get teary eyed as I drove away from the school, but that is normal. I realized that this is the first time I have left Jocey in the care of some one who wasn't family or someone I knew on a personal level. It was a little scary!

She also went yesterday and was excited (guess that is a good sign!). Both days she didn't want to leave (it killed me a little inside). Thursday she stays home with Grammie and she was a little upset that she didn't get to go back to

She has made friends with a little boy names Noah! The teacher says they are inseparable! I think it is because he is the only boy that is close to her

On the TTC front, I am getting a little excited for this cycle! Not that I am looking forward to the Clomid side effects, but I feel like we are doing somthing to help, instead of TTC naturally! I pray to God that this is the cycle!!!!

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