Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy Day Tomorrow...

First I get to hear the heart beat of my niece or nephew (due May 8, 2011). I am very excited and thankful that Kristina is so wonderful and including me in these visits! I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law!

Second I have my Cardiologist Appointment @11 AM. The Dr. will have the results of the TEE I had done last Thursday and I am hoping the Dr. will have a course of treatment ready to discuss. I do know that the TEE confirmed the severity of the Valve problem, and I am prepared for the course of treatment I believe the Dr. will suggest, doesn't make it any less scary in fact it makes it more real coming from him.... I have fantastic support and know that with God, my family and friends I will get through this!

Finally tomorrow evening is something fun! I am 'working' but it is a Black Tie Gala to benefit the animals at Cocheco Valley Humane Society! I have a fantastic outfit to wear and I am looking forward to a wonderful meal, fun times with some of my favorite co-workers and maybe even a little dancing!

My Dress (I don't look as good as her, but I still like it!)

My Shoes to go with the above dress!

I will have to post pictures of me in the outfit. I am surprised I like the dress and shoes as much as I do. They really are not me at all, but they do make me feel pretty!!!!

We are also working with Jocelynn about not peeing to bed. She has been doing pretty well,except for this week. She is fighting of a pretty bad cold (runny/stuffy nose and cough). Hopefully when she is feeling better I can post about happy (dry) She is averaging about 2 or 3 night a week now, not too bad for working on it for only 3 weeks!

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