Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jocelynn is on a roll!!!!!

I am so proud of her! This morning was her 5th morning waking up dry!!!!!! Something seems to have clicked with her and every morning she get so excited when she realizes she didn't pee the bed.

Jocelynn has even go so far as to stop herself...Monday morning she woke up all upset... crying "mommy I'm sorry I peed the bed". I told her it was ok and that I wasn't mad because honestly I expected a few accidents. So I went to change her sheets and realized that she hadn't wet the bed! I checked her panties and sure enough they were wet, but it woke her up, she stopped peeing before it wet the sheets and went to use the potty! That accomplishment in it's self is amazing to me! I am praying and hoping that this is something that she will continue with and not just a fluke!

I do wake her up once a night, between 11 and midnight. I don't typically go to bed until then so it works out well for us. If Jocelynn continues to stay dry, John and I decided to stop waking her up and see what happens. Since beginning this 3 or 4 weeks ago, it has been easier and easier to wake her up at night. I guess only time will tell.

I received a call from Dr H's office (Cardiologist) this morning. They were able to get a hold of Dr. L's office (Dr. in Mass.). My records are being sent to Mass for review and Dr. L's office will be calling me with appointment information after looking at my records. I am hoping that things will progress quickly. It is in God's hands and I trust in whatever plan He has for me!

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