Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy 11 days

How am i ever going to get better at posting? Stop working so many hours! lol

My schedule has been modified, I now work Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fri. I have Wednesday and the weekends off! Work is in seacrh of yet another person to fill the part-time receptionist/administrative assistant position! I don't want to do it full time! But for now I am! It is frustrating that no one seems to want to do this job. The pay sucks, but with the economy, any job is better then no job! I'm starting to think that maybe it is me, but then I slap myself because that is crazy! Who wouldn't want to work with Let's hope the 4th time is a charm!

I am feeling better, I still have a cough, but it is MUCH better then it has been! Pneumonia sucks! Jocelynn is also better. Her cough is gone, except when she gets really active!

Labor Day weekend was great! We spent alot of time with family and just enjoyed relaxing.....even though we were constantly on the go, it was relaxing! I guess it had to do with the act that I had a 4 day weekend!!!!

Saturday (9/5/09) we went on a whale watch! Can I just say it made the top 3 of the best experiences of my life! It is amazing the beauty that God created! (I will blog about this later with pictures!)

Sunday (9/6/09) we went to Church, a birthday party and spent the afternoon at the Alexanders just relaxing!

Monday (9/7/09) Happy labor Day!!!! We spent the afternoon at Fort Foster enjoying the sea breeze and the fresh air! It was so relaxing!

Tuesday (9/8/09) John and I spent it at home! It was great to spend the time just the 3 of us!

All in all we have been keeping busy, filling our time with family trips. Still scheduled to do are another whale watch (I would go every weekend if I could afford it!) and a trip to the aquarium in Boston!

The only bad news about this weekend is AF decided to make her monthly appearance! So on to cycle 35! :(

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