Friday, December 10, 2010

Good News and Bad....

Happy Birthday Dad and Robin!!!!

My appointments on Wednesday couldn't have gone better! I don't need surgery and in fact they don't believe the valve is as bad as originally thought by the Dr.'s here. They have ordered a stress test for me to do after the first of the year. It will determine how my body is processing and getting rid of CO2. I will also be meeting with a OB/GYN who specializes in women and particularly pregnant women with heart issues. If everything goes well, I will be given the green light to TTC again!

When (I'm being very positive) I get pregnant they will monitor me closely and I will receive an Echo-cardiogram every trimester. Worse case, if I have issues during pregnancy they will do a catherization, send a balloon up and open up the valve. They don't want to do this unless needed because right now the leakage back through the valve is minimal, and they find after the balloon the leaking gets worse. They also don't want to replace the valve at this point because they don't last forever and I would end up having the valve replace every 10 years.

So as of right now we are waiting to get the green light after the first of the year!

Bad News: Grandpa was doing good, and then he took a turn for the worse. On December 7th at 9:05 pm surrounded by his family, grandpa passed. I will go into further detail in another post. Right now I am in shock and dealing.....

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danielle said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa! Hugs and prayers!

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