Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry 2 days before Christmas!

Everything has been crazy and busy....tis the season. John, Jocelynn and I are still fighting some kinda bug since Thanksgiving. It started as the stomach flu, then became a head cold and is now chest congestion.....I am hoping and praying it will be on it's way out of the house next!

Jocelynn has been making great progress with waking up dry! Only 6 accidents all month! I will be pushing for no accidents for the entire month of January (and beyond)!

I have my appointment on the 13th of January @2pm with the OB/GYN at Bringham and Women's Hospital. This is an initial consultation and I am hoping to schedule my exercise/stress test for the same day. I should know either that day or soon after whether we have the green light to TTC again! I have faith that we will receive good news!

Cory and Kristina found out that they are having a BOY!!!! I get a nephew!!!! I am so excited and happy for them! The end of April, beginning of May can NOT come soon enough!!!

Jocelynn is on Christmas break until January 3rd. When she goes back to school she will be going 5 days a week instead of the 4 days. She seems excited and I hope the extra day will help in preparing her for kindergarten!

With Jocelynn's new schedule I will also be working a new schedule. I am looking for full-time work again, I have told my boss, and hopefully it will happen. If it doesn;t I will be working m-f 9am - 2pm. I will not know until sometime in January if the full-time has been approved.

Things are coming together for Christmas and I have 4 1/2 days off to spend with John, Jocelynn and the rest of my family! It will be a much needed break and hopefully I can finally get back on the mend and get rid of this sickness!


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