Wednesday, March 23, 2011 update!

WOW, what a busy month! Not sure were to

It was vacation! Relaxing and enjoyable! We were able to spend time with family and friends (some we haven't seen in years) and also spend some time just the 3 of us!
We were able to spend the day at the Baltimore Aquarium (and able to meet, for the first time, one of my friends). Jocelynn loved the aquarium but was more interested in riding all the different escalators......the mind of a 5 year
Also my in-laws purchased a Wii while we were there. There was a lot of fun had racing Jocelynn was the champion and everyone was trying to beat Jocelynn also had a blast on the plane! First time flying and she was a trooper! I was able to get a picture of her face when the plane fully took off.....
 Walking through the airport!
Take Off!!!!!

Jocelynn is doing wonderful in school. She is reading 4-5 word sentences (I am so proud and sad at the same time) and the teacher says she is a joy to have in class. We did have an incident last week, they were doing a craft and Jocelynn decided to take the scissors and cut her hair.....thankfully it was just a few strands behind her ear, not noticeable, but none the less annoying! When I asked her why, she told me "I want my hair cut like yours Mommy." Mind you, mine is not that much shorter then hers. I told her that if we have a few weeks were she behaves and we have no more scissor incidents I will make an appointment for both of us to have our hair cut together......not sure what I was thinking, agreeing to allow her to cut her beautiful, long red hair......but if that is what she wants  :*(
Jocelynn has also been doing wonderful with staying dry at night. One accident all this month so far! We are no longer waking her up between 11 and midnight to go pee. She is handling this all on her own! She is growing up sooooo fast!!!!!
Daisies! yep, it is official! Jocelynn has joined the Girl Scouts as a Daisy! She is so excited (and is selling cookies until the 3/30 if anyone is interested). The meetings are every other week, and we are joining in the middle of the year, but she is excited none the less! Can't wait to get her uniform and see her all dressed up!

And......Tooth #2 is officially lost! (Tooth #1 (bottom right) is coming in nicely!)

FINALLY I was able to get my new phone!!!! I have felt so far behind the times with my rumor....not any more! I have had the new phone, a Samsung Intercept, for 23 days and I LOVE IT!!!!! My ONLY complaint is that the battery life sucks!

On the TTC front.....another cycle has come and gone.... This cycle we are attempting Clomid again. 100mg CD 4-8. This is really just an attempt to help, but I know it is in God's hands and will happen when He has planned for it to happen!
I have stopped obsessing and decided to enjoy the blessings I have in life! I have a WONDERFUL husband who is my rock and the love of my life! Without his support, understanding and love I don't know what I would do! Also my BEAUTIFUL daughter who manages to know exactly what I need on my worst days and can put a smile on my face always! They are my life and the reason for my being everyday!

I am also excited to meet my nephew.......just over 5 weeks!!!!!!  I can't believe how much I love this little boy already!!!!!!!!

Well, that is it in a nutshell......doesn't seem like I was that busy, but if I updated everything it would take uo 6x more

I am working on updating once a week........I NEED to make time! I have too many stalkers counting on it   :P

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