Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy, Busy....

This week has been busy, meeting, meetings and a little

Jocelynn has her 2nd Daisy meeting tonight....I think I am more excited then her. She takes everything in stride
She was able to sell Girl Scout Cookies for 2 weeks and sold 21 boxes! Not to bad, imagine what she could sell if we had more time.

Luckily we don't have anymore loose teeth at the moment, I am a little shocked and disappointed to see her new "big tooth" is coming in crooked and more in the back then where it should be. Nothing I can do about it, and it could straighten out as she looses and gets more teeth.....only time will tell!

She has been doing wonderfully with staying dry at night. So far in the month of March she has only wet the bed 2 nights......2NIGHTS!!! I am amazed. Of those 2 night, 1 she was very sick and 1 she drank too much too at least we know what the issue was and can resolve it! Tomorrow is the celebration/reward for her doing a great job! We are taking her and Brooke to Chuck E. Cheese....I haven't told her yet, going to make it a

Work is crazy right now. We have recently had some staff changes so it is a little stressful right now, but things will get better and it all was a great change! I am also hoping to pick up more hours! Lots of meetings!

Jocelynn was able to ride a horse this past weekend....she was so excited. She has ridden what I consider ponies in the past and was a little intimidated by the big horse, but it didn't stop

I did break my glasses this week......I took them off to brush my hair and the lense fell out. Not a big deal, they have done that before. I picked up the frames and they moved
So off the the eye Dr. I go. I can't get an appointment until 4/8. Luckily I can see still, just have a hard time with distance. I am due for new frames.....those are 8 years old and the only pair I have ever purchased, I believe I got my money's worth!

TTC......I believe I am in the 2ww. or will be in the next 2 days. So in about 2 weeks we will know if the clomid helped us in our quest!

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