Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May!!!!!

May......I can't believe it is May already! Were did the 1st third of the year go????

Not a lot has happened in the last few days.....spending a ton outside enjoying the nice weather! Jocelynn was finally able to use her scooter she received for Christmas////she loves it, she is frustrated that she didn't know how to ride it immediately, but I told her that will come!

She has also been able to ride her bike and her power wheel, both of which she will have outgrown by the end of summer......I really wish she would stop growing! She is much better on her bike this year than last, her legs are stronger and she has a little more confidence.....she still likes to keep it on the slower side, but i know that will change as she gets more comfortable. She has learned how to use the breaks (a foreign concept last year) and I know that will help her.

John and I are still going every other day to the gym.....and we love it! For the Month of April John lost a total of 18 pounds and I lost a total of 12.8.....not to bad, and we are keeping with it which I am so proud of us for doing!

Jocelynn is going through a rebellious phase.....she is determine to get her way at all time and I have news for her....NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!! She has also started crying when it is time for John and I to go to the gym....mind you, she will either be headed to bed in about 15 minutes or is already in bed, but she breaks my heart with her "Mommy I will miss you" through tears......

On a positive note, she managed to only wet the bed 1 night in the month of April! WAHOO!!!!! I am super proud of her and we will be doing something fun in the next 2 weeks to celebrate this achievement! We have decided to go bowling! It should be fun!

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