Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer is soooo busy!

What has been going on in the last month since my last full post????

Cory turned 30.....It makes me feel old!

John and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary! I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet!

Also on the same day my beautiful, oldest niece, Jessica, got engaged!!! I am so happy for her and can't wait to celebrate with her and Decklyn!

Jocelynn and I had a blast during her field-trip to Funtown (6/3/11).... Every time we go to an amusement park I get a not to pleasant reminder of just how tall my child is! She was able to go on all but 2 of the ride by herself and was too tall for 2 of the kiddie rides..... *sigh*

Jocelynn driving the adult bumper boats by herself.....

On 6/4/11 we had the privilege to see Brooke dance at her recital. I'm not gonna lie, I was one super proud auntie! In fact it made me a little teary eyed to see what a beautiful and talented little girl my youngest niece has become! 

Jocelynn had an end of year ceremony for Daisy Girl Scouts on 6/8/11. She recieved 2 petals (and the center) to her daisy flower, a cookie patch, a patch for her museum visit, her American flag patch, Girl Scouts of Maine patch, and her Daisy Journey Patch (for learning and caring for animals) Along with her Daisy and Trefoil pin. Not too bad for Joining towards the end of the year!

I am also hoping to become the co-leader. I think Shana and I would have a blast with the girls.....time will tell!
Jocelynn receiving her Daisy Patches!

Jocelynn also graduated from pre-school on 6/17/11. Again, I was a very proud mommy and I was very happy that I didn't cry at all during the ceremony (or before or after). I am still waiting for that emotional breakdown.....
Jocelynn receiving her diploma from her teacher Mrs. Locke
My Graduate!

John and I were also happy that his parents were able to make it up for the graduation and stayed from Thursday (6/16/11) through Tuesday (6/21/11). It was a great visit and hopefully we can have another visit again soon!

As her graduation present, John and I decided to get her something extra special. A Guinea Pig!!! We adopted him from my work (CVHS), his name was Leo but Jocelynn decided to rename him Snuggles! She is very good with him! She is great about remembering to feed him and pat him and take care of all his needs. In fact she had about $9 saved up (from the tooth fairy and various dollar bills she has been given).
Monday night, Jocelynn gets the $9.
"What is that for?" I ask
"I have to buy Snuggles food" Jocey answers
I'm not gonna lie....I was impressed! How mature of her!

So Wednesday we decide to head to the store (we needed groceries and some bedding for Snuggles)
We get to Petco, Jocelynn grabs one of the mini carts (the one with the flags that say "Shopper in Training") and heads to the Guinea Pig Section!
She grabs the bedding and a new water bottle (his current one leaks) and says "come on Mom, lets go."
I ask "Jocelynn, is there anything else you want to look at?"
"No," she says, " I don't have enough money for anything else." old is she......I didn't realize how mature my daughter was!
We head to the checkout, Jocelynn places the 2 items on the counter. The cashier tells her the amount (which is more than what she has) so I reach into my pocket.
Jocelynn looks at me and raises her hand and says "Mom.....I got this!"  (I snickers.....what?)
So I tell her that it is more than what she has for money.
Jocelynn gets serious and says,"What? I don't have enough money.....I guess I will have to loose a couple more teeth to pay you back!"
Again, I laughed. I didn't mean to, she just caught me off guard. I love this little girl and she definitely keeps me on my toes!
Jocelynn and Snuggles!

John and I have had a little hiatus from the gym....We are headed back this weekend!!! I can tell a difference and it isn't good!  John has lost 32 pounds (according to the Dr. who he saw this week) I am so proud of him!!!! Check out my weightloss blog to follow our progress....

Horseback riding lessons are going good. Jocelynn really loves them. It seems to be the highlight of her week! (along with caring for Snuggles)

WOW, like I said, the summer is busy! I will have to try harder to update more often so I don't have so much in one post!

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