Sunday, July 31, 2011


4th of July weekend was fun! I had a couple friends over and we danced our rears off! John, Jocelynn and I ended up at the park/beach for the 4th. We had fun, but it was not the same without the Alexander I miss them!

Big news for the summer...Jocelynn can swim!!! Actually dog paddle...but it is still swimming! She also has become much more comfortable going under water. We purchased her a pair of goggles and she spends almost as much time under water as above. She is adorable!

Jocelynn's horseback riding lessons are going good! She really seams to love taking care of the horse and looks forward every week to Tuesday. I also think John and I look forward to them too. Tracy has 2 horses, Moe and Logan. Jocelynn takes care of and rides Moe and John and I take care of and walk Logan! We even got to experience what it would be like (at least in the evenings) to own a horse. Tracy and her family went on vacation at the end of July and asked us if we would take care of the horses. Of course we said yes. So for 2 nights we all went to the barn and fed, gave hay, cleaned hoofs and brushed Moe and Logan. They have become part of our family and I adore them so much!

July also saw me taking a couple days off to spend with Jocelynn! We had a couplke mommy and Jocelynn days. It was much needed! We spent the day together shopping, we went out to breakfast and lunch and spent the afternoon by the pool. We loved it! I hope there will be a few more of these in the future!

On the TTC front....July saw cycle 58 and 59...both BFN. I am trying to keep my faith and know and follow God's plan....but it hurts!

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