Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 5...

Amazing how much changes in a course of a few weeks.

So here we are in week 5 and I am 99% normal (let's be honest I was never 100% normal anyways). In fact I have been 99% normal since week 3/4. The only lasting side affect I have is the damn weepy eye. Luckily it only bothers me when the room is low lit or dark and I am staring at a screen (phone, computer, or tv screen).

In other medical news, I went for my annual echocardiogram (which was 2 years overdue) for my pulmonic stenosis. The results are good - no significant increase in it. This is great news! No change means no need to try and "fix" the issue. One more year of not worrying about whether or not I may need open heart surgery!

Jocelynn had her first dance recital! I think I was just as nervous as she was! She did FANTASTIC!!!! She kept telling me all day that she didn't want to go to her same show. But I just explained that there were people counting on her to be there. So she participated and loved it! She can't wait for the recital in May which will involve a costume and make-up!

John and I purchased a new car! We got rid of the gas guzzling, needed too much money to fix envoy! We replaced it with a beautiful, fully loaded Kia Rio! I LOVE it!

On the 8th we had one of the largest snow storms I remember. We had between 2 and 3 FEET of snow. In fact after plowing, the snow banks are taller than Jocelynn and she is 52 inches tall! Jocelynn has been enjoying playing in the snow which includes her favorite of sledding down the snow piles!

So....I turned 34 on the 10th. It was a weird birthday for me. I was excited (like I usually am) but I wasn't dreading it either. It was kinda just another day. Maybe because I was so focused on Jocelynn's dance recital (which was the same day).

On the TTC news. John has been working a bit out of town, which it makes it hard to coordinate and I am focusing right now on loosing weight.

I have made small milestones in the weight loss! I have cut out soda except for Fridays at lunch and stayed within my calorie range and tracked my food on a more consistent basis! My next milestone to accomplish is to add excessive 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time (small steps - this will be increased!)

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