Thursday, February 27, 2014

Long Overdue Update!!!

Wow....over a year since I last updated....Lets see if I can update all in one

February 2013: John and I purchased a new car! We traded in the GMC Envoy for a 2013 Kia Rio. I was worried about the size difference, but now a year later I can say it really isn't a problem. Plus, we are saving money on the payment and gas!!
The new car!!!\
I turned 34, which was a huge deal.

March 2013: Jocelynn tried Karate! She seemed to really like the first 2 classes, but then decided that it wasn't fer her. It was an expensive adventure, but if she had wanted to do it then I would have supported her.

The end of March saw the ending of a least for me. I left my job at the shelter. After 9 years I had enough and decided it was time. To this day I miss the people I worked with (not management) and all the animals, but it was the correct decision of my sanity and to save John and I's marriage!

April 2013: I was able to get a new job as a receptionist with a local eye doctor. I really enjoyed it at first, but then I was asked to do things I was morally comfortable doing so I left that job at the end of August.

My Handsome Nephew, Gage Robert, turned 2!
Can't believe he is 2!
May 2013: May brought the nice weather and that chance to get outside!

I along with my sister-in-law and a friend were able to see one of my favorite bands in concert ~ NEEDTOBREATHE at the House of Blues in Boston! I can say it was amazing and I can't wait to go see them again!

Jocelynn had her first dance recital! What a proud mommy moment! She was fantastic and seemed to really enjoy dancing on stage!
All dressed up for recital!

Jocleynn is the 6th from the left
Memorial day weekend we were able to make our first trip to the beach! What a refreshing day out in the sun near the water. I swear we are all happier when we are in the sun on the beach (even when the water is to cold to do more then dip your feet in for a few minutes!).
My favorite shot from our first beach trip!

June 2013: Happy Anniversary!!!! John and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Man it went by fast!

We also were able to visit friends while they were camping and had a blast!
Jocelynn and her friend Zach!

He really loved her!

Jocelynn "graduated" from the 1st grade! My baby is growing up way too fast!

July 2013: Sun and Heat!!!! It was lovely!

In July we were able to get out, enjoy the pool and go camping!
My favorite picture of the rug rats in the pool!

We also found out that Jocelynn has a dairy intolerance. She is not completely lactose intolerant, but can only have a limited amount of dairy at a time. We have stared giving her almond milk and she really enjoys it. In fact she will drink the almond milk much easier then I could get her to drink the regular milk, so that is a bonus. I have changed out eating habits to modify for less dairy, or make a substitute for her. Most of the time she can not tell of the substitute, but every once in a while it is awful! It is a learning curve and I will keep moving forward with it! I hate seeing my baby in pain with the awful stomach cramps!

August 2013: Happy Birthday John!!! John turned 36. The love of my life is getting I tease him I am going to trade him in for two 18 year olds, but he knows better!

I left the job at the eye doctor for moral reasons!

September 2013: Jocelynn started the 2nd grade......*sigh*

As a result of the issues from the eye doctor job, I was having severe anxiety attacks. I decided to go to the Dr. I was tired of the lack of motivation and wanting to sleep more then be awake. What was my diagnosis? Severe Depression....WHAT!?!?!?  I started a medication routine that consisted at first on 10mg of Citalopram and 3000 iu of Vitamin D3. I did have to up the Citalopram to 20mg once a day, and that seems to be a good dose for me. I go back in June of 2014 for a med check.

At the end of the month we took our (what is becoming annual) family trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a wonderful week at the beach with family and friends! The drive was awful, but with the new car we were able to drive down, around town for the week and home for less than $250. I could get 1 plane ticket for that! So financially it made a lot of sense!
Our home away from home for 8 days!

One of our favorite attractions!!!

My beautiful Niece, Keira Chanel, turned 1!!!!
Happy 1st Birthday!
October 2013: John and I ordered a new sleep number bed!!! Our old mattress was 13 years old so it was time for a new one. We priced mattresses for 2-3 months and realized that the sleep number was in the same price range as regular mattresses with a better warranty! So we bought it! It was one of the best decisions we ever made! Both John and I have slept like babies!!!

With my visit to the Doctor in September, she suggested I have a sleep study done. So after fighting the insurance company, the approved an at home sleep study. Not as bad as it sounds and I was able to have a fairly normal nights sleep! What the study showed was abnormal sleep pattern, so an appointment with a neurologist was scheduled for January.

John also had to go to see an Orthopedic because he had some severe shoulder pain. After an MRI, it was determined that he has arthritis and bone spurs in the joint and a small tear on his rotator cuff. He decided to try some anti inflammatory medication to help with the pain. The Dr. told him that most of the pain was most likely from the arthritis and bone spurs not the tear.

Keira took her first steps during a family dinner get together so we were able to all witness and video tape it!

November 2013: Brooke Elizabeth turns 8!!!
The beautiful birthday girl!!

We decided to have family picture done as a large group this year, there are 12 of us! As well as individual groups! The turned out great!

Our 2013 family picture

Our beautiful baby girl!

The four kids!!!

The entire family!!!

Decemeber 2013: Jocelynn Noelle turned 8!!!! Man the time has flown by! Where is my baby?!?!
"8 years ago my life changed in ways I never imagined but for the better! At 1:58 am we 
welcomed our beautiful daughter, Jocelynn Noelle, into the world. 
You are my world and I am so very happy and proud to be known as your mom!
 I love you very much!!! Happy 8th Birthday my miracle child, you truely are a blessing from God!"

As a SAHM, I decided to start some crafts. My first was a homemade, double sided tree skirt. I was able to finish the first side this year and will finish the second side next year. I think it came out fairly nice!
Not too bad!
John decided that the anti inflammatory drugs were not working, so he decided to try a cortizone shot to get through the holidays! It worked grate but only lasted about 6-8 weeks.

So.....there is my 2013 update. Thanks for reading all the way to the end, I will post more later!

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