Sunday, May 18, 2014

April Update.

April!!!! Yay!!! That means nicer weather and spending more time outside in the sunshine!

April started off slow, but before I knew it, it was over. I was happy to spend some time with my nieces and nephews. I am lucky that this seems to be a regular occurrence for me. It makes me so very happy. I wish some of my older nieces and nephews were closer!

John and I had parent teacher conference at the beginning of the month. I have never been more proud of Jocelynn. Her teacher had very positive things to say about Jocelynn. She continues to love math, writing, and much so that she is excelling in those three subjects. Reading seems to be the only place she needs improvements and that is because she tends to hurry too much and doesn't really seem to enjoy it when she reads. John and I have been working with her. We seem to have found a routine that works great for her. every night when she goes to bed, she reads for 30-60 minutes. Not only has her fluency improved (she was having a problem with that) but also her love for reading has improved. She actually asks to go to bed to read. Reading and bedtime used to be a battle every night, now she looks forward to both. It has made the stress in the house much less. 

We also managed to really enjoy April vacation together. With very little fighting and arguing when it came to cleaning her room!

The month of april had it's downs for screen on my iphone broke. Luckily with the apple insurance I was able to get it fixed, but it is still one of those things that stinks.

Gage celebrated his 3rd birthday. I can't believe how fast he has grown.....Aunties (not so) little man!

John was able to convince me to drive the four wheeler....I may be hooked! It is so much fun!

Easter was eventful as always! Its so fun to have the family together and watch the kids find the eggs! Jocelynn's gifts were scaled back this year, and she didn't seem to mind. Thankfully I have managed to not completely spoil her yet!

I started a new adventure! I decided to make and sell some of my jewelry. Check out my facebook page ~ ~ and the items are available for sale on Etsy!

Also, I guess I did manage to upset Jocelynn at some point because I came across this drawing on out white board...
All in a day as a mother and father!
Congratulations to my friend Angie and her hubby Andy on the Finalized adoption of E!!!!! I am so very beyond the moon excited for the two of you!

On the ttc front.....No news. Still working on getting healthy, both physically and mentally. 

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