Friday, May 2, 2014

March Update!

March started with John's shoulder surgery on the 7th. Everything went great and John was in a sling for a week and on light duty at work for a month. Everything is healing great and John seems to be mostly pain free by this point. He still gets some aches ever once in a while, I mean they shaved some of the bone away in the joint. The Dr.s says he should be fully healed on 18-24 months. Already he is feeling much better and is happy to be able to work and play without too much pain!

While John was recovering for surgery I came down with a awful stomach bug. In fact, my stomach first protested in the recovery room after John's surgery. The poor nurse was taking care of me instead of John....I felt awful. I assumed it was my nerves. I was very nervous and anxious for this surgery....I'm not sure why....and didn't eat anything all day. I though now that I knew John was going to be ok, my body decided to show me how unhappy it was with me. 

That was not the case. It started at 5pm at the hospital and ended about 2am at home. I was running the the bathroom every 20-30 minutes. I couldn't even sip water because it would make me run to the bathroom sooner. I felt like I was literally dying. 

Thank goodness for my Mom. Once again she comes to the rescue. She ended up having to take care of John, myself, and Jocelynn. At one point my vomiting was so bad she was ready to put me in the car and take to the ER. Which for her to get to that point, you know things must be pretty bad. 

My biggest concern was making sure John didn't come down with this awful bug. I couldn't imagine vomiting right after shoulder surgery....but he did. Both Mom and John ended up with the bug. Not as bad as what I had, thank goodness, but still miserable none the less. Mom ended up down and out for a few hours on the 9th and John vomited just a couple times on the morning of the 10th. Lets just say that weekend and most of that week was a "trying to get better" for all of us.

It took all of us a good 4-6 day to "get back to normal". All of us lived on scrambled eggs, toast, and roman noodles for most of the week.

By the 11th I was able to get of the couch for more then just bathroom breaks, and the weather was so warm that day. I decided to open the windows and doors and Lysol as much space as I could. I definitely did not want that bug to hang around.

The end of March I was able to spend a bit of time with my nieces and nephew. I love them so much and they bring so much joy to my heart.
One of my favorite pictures of Keira and Gage!

With the nicer weather that March brought, Jocelynn has been spending most of her days (when not in school) outside! She loves to ride her bike and scooter, and jump rope. I also love that she has a few friends who live in the neighborhood and she is able to go from house to house to play or they all come to our house (we have the swing set). I also imagine I will be see most of them a lot during the summer since we are the house with the pool!

Also, with the nicer weather, John has had spring fever. The Fourwheeler seems to be a favorite activity for both John and Jocelynn. I'm glad we have some trails up the road so they can enjoy.
John and Jocelynn enjoying a ride around the yard! Thank goodness all that white stuff in the background is now gone!
Oh, and a proud sister moment, my brother made the front page of the local newspaper. I don't alway brag about either of my brother (I am super proud of both) but Cory being a firefighter scares me everyday, but I am also so very proud of what he does!

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