Friday, November 6, 2009


This week has really showed me just how crazy some people are. Between the crying over the gay marriage right not passing and the Ft. Hood shootings it is scary in this world. I am just in aw with what some people will go to to prove a point and so sod for the families affected. My prayers go out to them.

Wednesday we were able to get a bit of stuff done. Not only the usual grocery shopping but we were able to find Jocelynn's birthday dress at Sears. She picked it out abd I have to say she looks beautiful in it! I will be taking out family pictures this weekend as long as the weather holds out and it doesn't get too cold.

The princess dress!

We are still waiting on on our PCP to call us with information on the referral for John's specialist appointment. Looks like John will be calling him again on Monday!

Congratulations to all my CO sisters who have recently received their wonderful BFP!!!!! I am over the moon happy for all you ladies!

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