Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Week......busy!

Another week has come and how the time flies! Thanksgiving was wonderful! I love the time with family! It always puts a smile on my face. We actually had 2 meals, one with my parents and brothers and one with John's sisters. Bother were great and the food was amazing!!!!

this weekend we were able to get somethings accomplished...although the kitchen is finally painted, we haven't put anything on the walls because we haven't found the 'perfect way' to hang all the kitchen We were also able to finish the new playroom! Jocelynn was so excited about this and couldn't figure out what toys to play with first! I am glad to have that out of the way with her birthday and Christmas just around the corner. Now we will have somewhere to put all her new toys! I love this time of year. Jocelynn actually gets to have her birthday party on her birthday (12/12) because it falls on a Saturday this year! We will be having a small party at the house.

We have already started decoration the house and we will be going out next Sunday to get our Christmas tree! It is great because we all get together and go out, My parents, my brothers and us! Most of the time it takes us a while to find the 'perfect' tree, we get cold, but we have fun! I can't imagine putting up a fake tree or buying one of those pre-cut trees every again! The fun lies in watching my Dad and Brothers climb on the ground to cut it

Today we went to the Dover Christmas Parade! It was actually Jocelynn's first parade and she has a blast! She was able to have Hot Chocolate and she loved getting all the candy from the parade people. My favorite part was when the Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters came. Mickey actually 'held' Jocey's hand when he went by and her face lit up! It was It was worth standing out in the cool weather for 2 hours!

I asked Jocelynn what her favorite part was and she said "the pink truck" One of the local oil delivery companies has a pink breast cancer awareness truck and it made a trip in the parade and that is what Jocelynn remembered as the!

On the way home from the parade Jocelynn and I were singing and counting and just being silly. While counting, she got into the teens and said "fourteen, fiveteen, sixteen" I busted out laughing. Makes since for it to be fiveteen to a four year old. It was a great ending to a pretty perfect day!!!!!!!

This time of year always seems to be super busy and although I wish it would slow down, I can't imagine it any other way!

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