Saturday, April 24, 2010

National Infertility Awareness Week

NIAW ~ April 24 - May 1, 2010.

Infertility Facts from Wikipedia:

* Generally, worldwide it is estimated that one in seven couples have problems conceiving, with the incidence similar in most countries independent of the level of the country's development.

* Most couples (about 84 out of every 100) who have regular sexual intercourse (that is, every 2 to 3 days) and who do not use contraception will get pregnant within a year. About 92 out of 100 couples who are trying to get pregnant do so within 2 years.

* Women become less fertile as they get older. For women aged 35, about 94 out of every 100 who have regular unprotected sexual intercourse will get pregnant after 3 years of trying. For women aged 38, however, only 77 out of every 100 will do so. The effect of age upon men’s fertility is less clear.

* In people going forward for IVF in the UK, roughly half of fertility problems with a diagnosed cause are due to problems with the man, and about half due to problems with the woman. However, about one in five cases of infertility have no clear diagnosed cause.

* In Britain, male factor infertility accounts for 25% of infertile couples, while 25% remain unexplained. 50% are female causes with 25% being due to anovulation and 25% tubal problems/other.

* In Sweden, approximately 10% of couples are infertile. In approximately one third of these cases the man is the factor, in one third the woman is the factor and in the remaining third the infertility is a product of factors on both parts.

Unfortunately, more and more couples face infertility and the heartbreak of being unable to conceive a child(ren). There is nothing a man or woman can do to prevent infertility and it may go undiagnosed for years. That is until a couple decided to start a family and even then after multiple test, procedures and exam it could still take months or years for a explanation and then you are labeled "unexplained infertility" if no know reason is found.

John and I are part of this growing group of couples. We are unfortunate enough to experience infertility factor with both of us. I was diagnosed in 2004 with PCOS. And John was diagnosed in 2009 with low testosterone levels, low sperm count and a Varicocele, which he had surgery to help correct in 2/2010.

We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, who arrived happy and healthy in our arms on 12-12-2005 at 1:58am and after TTC (trying to conceive) for 3 1/2 years.

We are still praying and waiting for another blessing (or two). and have been TTC since 12/2006. The heartache we have gone through is nothing I would wish on the evilest person on Earth. I only hope that infertility awareness gets out there and that everyone who has been blessed with children (whether after struggling with infertility or not) knows what a blessing they have and they thank God everyday!

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