Friday, April 23, 2010

Where did the last month go.....

WOW, a whole month. What is my problem.....oh yeah, it's called

What have I not blogged about?

Easter ~ Easter was a blast with the girls. I have a million pictures! They actually fought over the eggs, there was 120 eggs and they fought over I guess kids will be kids.

Vacation ~ Was wonderful! We had a great week with family and friends. We spend our time helping my Mother and Father-in-law clean out the house they were selling. Celebrating my nephew Tyler's 1st Birthday and spending time with my niece Gabby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER! and spending some much needed time with our best friends.

Now we are settling back into our routine. It is amazing how much vacation messes you up. I hope to have some time soon to really update.

On the TTC front, we are onto another cycle......#43

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