Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy 2 weeks....

Things have been busy. Life just seems to fly by me like I am standing still.....

The 11th and 12th I was very sick. Some kinda flu bug, I was in bed for both days and some of the 13th with severe nausea .I am feeling much better now, and no one else in the house has been sick, John is going to the Dr. today because he has a sore throat....I hope it isn't something else that is going around!


John went for his post-op appointment on the 17th. The Dr. said he was healing well and that he could resume normal activities as long as he felt comfortable. He did put John on an antibiotic just in case, but he believes the pain and redness around his wound is from the knot on the stitches. Time will tell. It is looking much better, but not sure if that is from the meds or the stitch knot dissolving......

Today Jocelynn went to the Orthopedic specialist about her feet. He did x-rays again and said that she is improving. She still has some issues, but he still believes that they will 'fix' themselves as she grows and gets stronger. He believe that dance, tap and ballet, or karate will help with her strength, so we will be checking on signing her up for one of those. She has been asking about dance class so we will probably try that first.

The Dr. also said that she is advanced in her motor skills for a 4 year old and very strong. She comprehended instructions, ie: stand on your heals, better then most 4 year olds. I was impressed with how quickly she followed his instruction when asked to push her feet, legs and knees different ways. I was a very proud Mommy.....lol

We will go back to see him in a year just to make sure things aren't worse. Over all he felt pretty good with her progress in the last 2 years and the improvement that has been made and the changes shown in her x-rays. We should start to see an improvement in her 'gracefulness' over the next 2 years. We can only hope....lol

On to TTC news.....we are again onto the next cycle. Not surprising since John's surgery was at the important part of my cycle. Knowing it wouldn't happen this month didn't make the disappointment any easier, but I have handled it well. This is the first month I have not cried.  Cycle 42 here we come.....lol

John and I have decided that we will try without medical intervention until our cycle that starts in June. Then we will do 1-2 months of observation with the Dr., but no meds. Then we will start the Clomid again. John has a s/a scheduled for Sept., 6 months after surgery, and that will give us an idea if the surgery worked. So once again it is all about waiting......I think that is the most frustrating thing about all of this....we seem to always be waiting!

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