Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally an update!

Things have been crazy in the last week. I have a few things to update

John's surgery was last week (2/25/2010) everything went great. The Dr. was able to staple off the vericosele and John is recovering. It was a much more invasive surgery then either of us thought, so the recovery road is slow and bumpy, but we will get there. John goes for a post-op appointment on 3/17 at 8:45 and we will go from there.

John is still sleeping in the recliner, it hurts for him to lay in bes, and he is beginning to move and is doing alot of walking and sleeping. He is still on his pain meds every 4-5 hours, he can take advil during the day, but first thing in the morning is the worst. (I will be a 'play by play' of the day of surgery when I have a little more


Jocelynn finally has her stitches out. It was worse then when she had the stitches put in. Friday the Dr.'s office didn't have power so our appointment was rescheduled for Monday. It took myself and 2 nurses to hold her down so the Dr. could remove the stitches. It didn't hurt, she was just afraid it would. She SCREAMED the entire time! It was so bad, that by the last stitch I was balling my eyes out and telling Jocelynn how sorry I is that for staying strong.....

I was so embarassed after they were done. I have never broke down like that in a Dr.'s office....even the RE. The Dr. made me feel a little better and said that it is tough when your child is screaming like that. Also with the stress I have been under with John's surgery, she wasn't surprised that I broke down. All I have to say is I love my Dr. and the office! They have been so great and understanding! Especially in the 1st year of Jocelynn's life when it seemed like I was calling the poor nurse every week!


Happy Belated Birthday to my wonderful Niece and Nephew, Jekka and TJ! I can't believe you two are 22! Man you make me feel old!   <3


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